The Cook is the person who plays a key role in the kitchen. Everything that is cooked and enjoyed by the customers is the creation of the cook. The employer generally wants a consistent good performance from him; therefore, it is essential for the person in this position to maintain the level of his culinary creations in the kitchen at all times and work together with his fellow kitchen staff.


Cooks can be found to work in a variety of settings, from small restaurant kitchens to large industrial sized kitchens staffed by a large number of assistant cooks, and apprentices. A cook can be in diverse roles, a prep cook who helps with the preparatory work of a dish or a lead cook, who instructs the junior cooks and cooks himself for a few selected dishes.


1. Strong senses – A good Cook needs keen senses of smell and taste. The best cooks recognize the subtle aspects of flavor. Developed senses allow them to explore new possibilities in tastes and create new recipes.

2. Creative mind – A good cook always tries to invent new dishes by mixing and trying new elements and thus creating new cuisine. Creativity and a knack for experimenting are signs of a good cook.

3. Teamwork – A good meal can not be cooked single handedly in a restaurant kitchen. Whether the kitchen is big or small teamwork is always vital. A good cook should be able to coordinate with his fellow staff, fulfill his share of tasks and help others when needed.

4. Drive to succeed – Anybody hoping to become an established cook should be prepared for hard work. A cook may need to work hours at a stretch through out evenings and weekends. In commercial kitchens the work happen very fast and often tremendous pressure to deliver food to the customers in time. Successful cooks have to work tirelessly and dedicatedly and at the same time cope with of some of the less glamorous aspects of this profession.

5. Organized manner – getting all the necessary cooking items quickly and then preparing a dish cannot be done in a disorganized environment. Good planning and arranging will help you to deliver good work in a busy kitchen.

The main duties of a cook are as follows:

  • Cooking tasty food that will make customers come back.
  • Trying to add new dishes in the menu.
  • Helping in preparation before the actual cooking begins.
  • Managing junior staff in the kitchen
  • Checking if the quality of the supplied raw materials is good enough.
  • Talking to the customer if there is any problem with the food.


Qualifications can be vocational programs continued through internships at restaurants. Other sources of education include culinary institutes, private cooking schools, military services and graduation level year college degree programs.

Work Condition

Workings will be mostly in the kitchen. Work load will depend on the arrival of customers. There can be short breaks during duty.


This job is only those who are passionate about cooking up a delightful meal.

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