He is the person who handles the company’s contracts, sign them and handle its prior and the post responsibilities. The work of the contract manager differs from company to company and its administration as to what are they appointed. Sometimes they are responsible only for signing a contract and only deal based responsibilities are given to him, while sometime they also have to handle all the necessary contract issues from drafting to delivery of the order taken. Nowadays it has become a very critical job because of the changing contracts and the fraud and risky consequences.

Skill Requirements:-

1. A contract manager needs to possess the skills of facilitating to the clients in order to get required contacts.

2. He needs to have efficient communication skills for staying in touch with the contracting parties and the support team.

3. Be alert all the time in order to give an update of the contract to the client informed of the necessary information, Whenever required.

4. Have the skill to inspect the field for different procedures to be carried out and relevant measures to be taken.

5.In case of any error in the contract or the company then the Contract Administration should be able to correct it and steps should be taken to improve it.

6.Keep up the good work for meeting deadlines and customer satisfaction.

7.In case of delayed order the contract manager is expected to handle  the customer by giving valid reasons and asking for extensions.

Job Duties:-

1.Managing and implementing the procedures for the contract for any particular deal in order to avoid further problems.

2.Keep updating about the contract details to the relevant parties and also to other supervisors handling the deal.

3.To state the company’s terms and conditions clearly prior the contract   to let go of further inconvenience.

4.To negotiate for a good deal with the clients for the better profit margin.

5.Evaluate the total cost and then draft for a contract and accordingly give the execution date.

6.  Maintain all the necessary documents such as receipt, reports and contacts info required by the administration.

7. To manage the deliveries and the billing information and meet the necessary deadlines.

8.Check out for customer satisfaction by updating them with the contract relevant information and on going issues.

9. Check for the error prone areas and carry out procedures to solve them.

Work Conditions:-

1.To take over the control of the contract and keep the regular update for the knowledge of the supervisors.

2.Required to complete the contract on time.

3. Perfection in work and check for the placed order before delivery to avoid end moment errors.

4. Be very professional with the client and the employee working on the same contract.

5. Required to know basic computer skills and also writing in order to sign the contract and for mailing any related information.

6. Be readily available whenever required by the contractors or the company.

Educational Requirements:-

1. Bachelor’s degree in human resources or any related field is considered for an individual to work as contrast administrator.

2. At least two years of experience is required for these professional.

3. For any individual to become a contract manager of a government agency then they should possess experience of ten years.

4. Apart from this any engineering degree or masters in science will be highly considered for this post.

Tips For Job:-

1. To take up the job as a contract manager ,an individual can start working as a step down post an after required experience can be hired up easily.

2. Start up the contract with complete details of the client and the documents for the security reasons.

3. Ask for extension of the contract in case of any delayed.

4. Keep updating the client and other managers regularly about a particular contract.

5. Manage draft and invoices regardless of anything else.

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