Educational institutions often involve the presence of a computer lab assistant. As an assistant, you are supposed to manage and control the lab centric proceedings, besides helping out students and learners with their schemes of operation.

Job description

As suggested by the designation, a lab assistant needs to look after the following aspects:

  • Smooth management and maintenance of a computer lab.
  • Through awareness of the different facilities of the lab.
  • This includes thorough awareness of both hardware as well as the software facilities.
  • The job involves that you are accessible to both the learners as well as, the teachers.
  • Coordinate effectively with teachers and learners.
  • Help the learners pick up the subtle nuances of computing.
  • Maintain relevant records and time table regarding the usage of the lab based facilities.

Job duties

  • You are supposed to ensure and supervise cleanliness of the lab. You are in charge of the lab, and thus, you are expected to ensure that the computers are regularly cleaned and kept away from the hazardous influence.
  • Streamline the management of files, help in the scheme of recovery and help do away with issues relevant to the usage of a computer.
  • Noting down the issues of malfunction and reporting for the necessary rectification includes your ambit of responsibilities, as well.
  • As far as handling of the system is concerned, you are supposed to help out the learners as well as the tutors and other interested users.
  • Carrying out the instructions of the management and typing out reports on computer, helping the generation of printouts also includes your job responsibility.
  • Maintaining secrecy about the usage of lock code and relevant passwords is equally important.


As a computer lab assistant, you are supposed to be skilled in the following areas:

  • You are supposed to be thorough with the operational details of the system.
  • Ability to provide backups.
  • Reasonable efficiency in software management.
  • The twin ability to work independently, as well as in a team.
  • Ability to interact proficiently as well as meaningfully.
  • Ability to provide assistance and carry out orders.
  • Ability to handle confidential issues and information.
    Work environment
    The job involves work of the sedentary kind. Though, the working hours are fairly regular, you have to be prepared for desk bound delivery, and having to work at the desk over a prolonged span of time.


A computer lab assistant should fulfill the following requirements

  • Needs to be a high school pass out.
  • Secure an associate’s degree in computing.
  • Needs to demonstrate significant proficiency in the realm of operating and typing
  • May be required to clear the bounds of locally held assessment level examination.

Tips for the job

In order to grow and add to the horizon of your career, you need to enhance the scope of your professional expertise. Do embark upon the scheme of continuing education to add to the build of your expertise, skill and qualifications.

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