A Communication Assistant helps in maintaining the office operations in an effective manner. The image of an organization is maintained by those people who are working in this capacity, and they also provide support to the administration support.

Job Description

  • A communication assistant is responsible for managing the internal affairs of an organization.
  • Communication assistants also perform administrative and clerical activities.
  • A communication assistant is responsible for taking and answering phone calls on behalf of an organization, mainta8ining documents and delegating information across the organization.
  • With experience, communication assistants are able to handle additional tasks such as fixing appointments, look over the operations of office equipment and arranging important meetings in companies.
  • The other tasks that are performed by communication assistants are carrying out research work, maintaining and preparing agendas and projects.
  • Preparation of presentations and reports are also handled by communication assistants.
  • Public relation work is also handles by communication assistants in many offices.
  • Providing support for sales and marketing campaigns is one of the other tasks that are performed by them.

Job Duties

The job duties of communication assistants include the following:

  • Writing contents for the website of an organization is one of the major functions performed by communication assistants.
  • Updating the website and promotion of business through new techniques.
  • The printed materials of the organization such as newsletters are brought out by communication assistants.
  • The administrative functions that are performed by communication assistants are preparation of invoices, looking over the events that are to be held and various other activities according to requirements.


  • Multitasking capabilities are required for communication assistants.
  • Should have a disciplined approach towards the work.
  • Organizational abilities.
  • A communications assistant should be a people’s person in an organization.
  • Communication assistants should be eloquent and expressive.

Work environment

Since a communication assistant is responsible for managing the communication department in an organization and responsible for promotion of the company brand, it is a highly demanding professions particularly for top level companies. However, for mid and small level companies, the work environment may differ according to the nature of the organization.


For obtaining a job as a communication assistant, it is necessary to possess a Bachelor’s degree although prior experience of working in similar position is an added advantage for communication assistants. Besides this, writing and computer knowledge is required for communication assistants. Those who have worked as event managers can also seek jobs in this capacity. A thorough knowledge of media and publication world along with computer skills particularly MS Office is going to help them seek better jobs in this position.

Tips for jobs

  • A communication assistant should have a pleasant personality.
  • Interaction skills and power of communication will be an asset for those working in this position.
  • Ability of meeting deadlines and the will to work in flexible positions.
  • Enthusiasm and conviction.
  • Proper focus, problem solving ability and prioritizing abilities.
  • A communication assistant should be available for work during odd hours.

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