A commercial analyst is critical to the success of the firm. They tend to work out the details of the contract and check the clauses and thus ensure that the company ends up signing the right contracts. There are a lot of other spheres as well where the commercial analyst can show their prowess.

Job description

A commercial analyst dissects the detail of the contracts and examines the different terms of agreement and conditions. Based upon the different details, they should decide whether or not the agreement must be signed. They also provide financial strategies and thus they aid in efficient business operations.

Job duties

There are a lot of duties that a commercial analyst has to perform. They are as follows.

  • They must approve the purchase orders of the firm and check for any discrepancies.
  • They have to analyze the different costs that the firm is managing and look for ways that can help in efficient management of costs.
  • They must assist in making of financial budgets.
  • Whenever a company signs a new deal or contract, it is their duty to check the details of the contracts and look for any potholes.
  • They should provide important financial advice to shareholders and managers of the firm.
  • They must analyze the fiscal reports and chart new strategies accordingly.


A commercial analyst must have the following skills.

  • Should be skilled in the matters of business.
  • Should have a clear understanding of the different rules and laws of business.
  • Should be skilled in dissecting the details of the contract and analyzing the pitfalls if any.
  • Should have excellent communication skills.
  • Should be skilled in writing good business letters.
  • Should have efficient organization skills that can aid in working with the team.

Work environment

A commercial analyst would have his own desk and office. However, the actual conditions which they would get would vary largely and thus they have to learn to adjust to the changes that can occur. They must be flexible in their approach and they need to handle the different tasks with ease.


In order to work as a commercial analyst, the following qualifications can come in handy.

  • A graduation degree is recommended.
  • These are various certification courses in accounting. One must make sure to opt for such certified courses as per the need of the firm.
  • There are a lot of diploma courses for commercial analysis. Some companies may have specific diploma course requirements.

Tips for the job

In order to carry out the duties of a commercial analyst, the following tips should turn out to be useful.

  • Try to report to your work place on time.
  • Make sure that you keep yourself posted on the different news in the world of finance, accounting and related fields.
  • Do not be negligent while reading contract details.
  • Take an active part in monitoring the finances of the firm.
  • Try and forge a good working relationship with all your workers.

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