The work of a clinical research assistant is to conduct studies of the efficiency of the new medicines, their effects on the health of the people, the risks involved, and also to find out the benefits of the existing drugs. These trials are very important for the medicine industry, as well as, the physicians, because the medicines cannot go to the pharmacy or the hospitals without prior testing.

Job Description

The important works related with this job profile are as discussed below:

  • They have to conduct trials on different groups of people, before submitting any report of the efficacy of the drug.
  • The different stages in which the tests are needed to be done are, on the healthy people and the diseased people.
  • They have to conduct the safety tests, even after the medicines are being used in a mass scale.
  • They have to write appropriate protocols on the side effects of the medicines.
  • They have to conduct the clinical trials on behalf of the research agencies or the pharmaceutical companies.

Job Duties:

The different duties that are needed to be performed by these professionals are as discussed below:

  • They have to clearly write the methods and procedures of the trials conducted on the people.
  • They are required to submit all the reports of the trials to the health committee.
  • They have to design the CRFs to collect and record the data collected.
  • He has to work in coordination with the committee,which looks after the safety, trials, and other holistic needs of the patients who are under the clinical trial.
  • He has to oversee the process of the research and marketing of both, the new, as well as, the existing drugs.
  • He has to observe the facility where the drugs are being tested for, and evaluate whether the facility is suitable for the purpose or not.
  • He has to in association with the physicians and the investigators regarding the trial procedures.


The important skills required by these professionals are as described below:

  • They should be able to maintain a proper record of the data collected and store it for future use.
  • They have to make sure that the trials are in accordance to the regulations of the federal government.
  • They have to work in association with the medical statisticians and help in drafting the trial reports.
  • They are required to maintain database of the patients, help in collection of grants, and are also required to send correspondence.
  • They have to understand thoroughly the ethical trials procedure, and follow the guidelines of the federal government.

Work Environment

The working conditions of the clinical research associates are as described below:

  • They have to work mainly in research laboratories.
  • They usually work for 40 hours a week.
  • Occasionally they have work for long hours to meet deadlines.
  • They may be required to work in different shifts, and also on weekends.
  • They are required to travel for work.


The essential educational requirements of this profile are as described below:

  • They should be science graduates or post graduate.
  • They should be preferably from life science background.
  • Having an experience of a few years is an added advantage.

Tips for Jobs

The interested candidate should keep the following tips in mind:

  • They should have good analytical skills, and have temperament to conduct trial experiments.
  • They should be highly organized in their work.

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