A clinical medical assistant is equipped with sufficient training to work as a medical professional for performing clinical and administrative functions. Medical assistants may work in clinics or hospitals according to the capacities.

Job Description

  • Clinical medical assistants may work in administrative and front office capacities.
  • They are supposed to change the dressing of patients as and when required for healing wounds.
  • Taking blood from patients for testing and sending samples to clinical laboratories.
  • Observing the condition of patients and reporting the same to doctors.
  • Maintaining and providing the health record of patients to doctors whenever it is required particularly for terminally ill patients.
  • Accumulation of urine samples of patients and sending them to pathological labs for testing.
  • The clinical medical assistants who are working in administrative capacities are responsible for managing various work related to hospital administration.
  • For front office clinical medical assistants the work is related to handling phone calls, transferring them to specific departments and managing the appointment of patients.

Job Duties

The job duties of clinical medical assistants include the following:

  • The job duties of a clinical assistant working in administrative capacity will be related to office work such as maintaining files and documents of patients.
  • Administering the medicines to patients that are prescribed by doctors.
  • Collection of blood tissues and samples that is required for pathological examination.
  • Assisting the patients or guiding them towards examination room before being examined by doctors.
  • Explaining the patients about medications and diet along with other guidelines that are prescribed by doctors.
  • Keeping records of the medical history of patients.
  • Assisting physicians with instruments and other equipments that are required for examining the patients.


  • A clinical medical assistant should have knowledge of working in front office and in the administration department.
  • Knowledge of medical terminology and anatomy of human body is one of the prerequisites of this job.
  • Medical assistants should be able to communicate with the patients in order to convey the message of the doctor.
  • Patience is one of the most important skills that must be present in medical assistants particularly while handling critical situations.
  • Experience of working in pathological laboratories will help them serve their function with greater effectiveness.

Work Environment

The clinical medical assistants do not always perform under pressure and their job largely depends on the situation and the capacity in which they are serving. However, during emergencies or situations that require serving more hours in the hospital or clinic, the clinical assistants must be available beyond normal working hours.


The minimum educational qualification that is required for working as a clinical medical assistant is a high school diploma followed by technical training in a vocational college or training institute. Those who go to medical assistant degree college are able to obtain the degree of an associate.

Tips for jobs

  • Medical assistants should be able to avail better job opportunities if they have worked in similar capacities.
  • Should have multitasking abilities.
  • Should be willing to learn during the training period.

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