A clinical director has the position of a manager and plays a major role in taking care of the patients. He is the senior manager and reports to the president or the CEO of the organization. He works in the administrative department as well as in help in technical issues. At some places, even research work is also required which has to be taken care of by a clinical director.


  • A clinical director should have good planning and language skills.
  • Some mathematical skills will also be helpful as basic calculations and awareness are required for administrative purposes. Should have leadership qualities
  • General awareness of computer and how it works will make the work easier and faster. Good reasoning ability is always appreciated in a clinical director.
  • Polite behavior with the patients and managerial skills is always appreciated. They should be extra careful with cases that are complex in nature and require more attention.



  • He has to provide services to the patients to maintain their profitability. He also studies how patients with extra care are taken care of.
  • He has to maintain a record of all small things starting from the patients’ intake, treatment, discharge, medicines prescribed, previous records, etc.
  • He also supervises all the staff members which include the staff hiring, discipline of the Centre, and firing as well. This position might also demand payrolls, traveling, budgeting, etc. Supervision of the funds gathered from different govt. or private organizations is also the main job of a director.
  • He also takes care of the machineries and the instruments required for curing the disease


As a director one is responsible for developing new policies and procedure which will help the clinic to maintain compliance with standards and discipline. Training the staff that is new or new technologies is also done under the director’s nose. He also supervises the research work which is being carried by the teams of doctors or scientists.


A clinical director has to devote his full time to his work as it is associated with people’s life. He might have to work 24/7 if required.


A bachelor’s degree in Health care administration or a Master’s degree in health care management or any administration related field is required to qualify for this position. An experience of 3 to 5 years in the related field will be preferable. Some experience inpatient care services, critical care unit, medical transport program, etc. has to be there.

A little knowledge of computers and machinery used should be there. Good communication skills, with a pleasing personality are helpful in attracting funds.


  • He should be able to maintain the confidentiality of the work he is doing.
  • A good administrator and organization skills should be developed.
  • He should be attentive everywhere so that even minor things can be taken care of.
  • Should always be ready to work during emergency cases.
  • They should treat patients and their relatives with respect and a pleasing smile.
  • Should be able to do critical thinking and out of the box thinking.
  • Has to be quick in making appropriate decisions.

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