Clinical assistant is the one who performs the administrative and other clinical duties under the guidance of the physician. The administrative duties of a clinical assistant includes maintain the patient’s medical reports, billing, scheduling the appointments, etc. He needs to draw blood from the patient’s body and perform the tests and other administrating medications as guided by the doctor.

Job description:

The main job of a clinical assistant is to provide assistance to the physician in giving client services in many fields like rehabilitation, psychology or social work that is supporting the family. He plays a very vital role in clinical team performing all the clinical tasks like collecting the specimen for diagnosis in the laboratories, recording the medical history of the patient, conducting the required tests, applying bandages and stocking the medical equipment. He usually carries the work under the supervision of the senior doctor.

Skill requirements:

Since the job of a clinical assistant is very important so there are also some skill requirements associated with this job. Some of them are as follows:

  • A proper communication skill in order to interconnect with the patient properly is the most important of all the skills required to become a good clinical assistant.
  • Must be service- oriented.
  • Well trained about their work in the hospitals or clinics.
  • Must have proper knowledge of doing any clinical task like drawing blood, inserting a syringe or bandaging.
  • Reporting senior physicians about every issue related to patients health.
  • Must have proper skills of providing on- time aid without any kind of delay to the injured.
  • Must acts as support pillar in providing proper health aids to the patient.
  • Punctual and regular on the work.
  • Must have time management skills.
  • Must have knowledge of operation monitoring to ensure that the machine is working properly.
  • Must be well organised and self-disciplined.
  • Willing to work harder and perform all the clinical tasks.
  • Must have good leadership qualities.
  • Must be flexible and open to all the changes.
  • Must work precisely taking under consideration all the rules, procedures and regulations.

Job Duties:

There are many important duties associated with job. Some of them are:

  • Maintain the records of the patient’s medical history and vital statics.
  • Collect the tissue, blood and other laboratory specimen for preparing the tests.
  • Explain the medical treatment procedures, diets and other instructions to the patient and his family.
  • Prepare and manage the medications as guided by the physician.
  • Handle the medical instruments or equipment for the doctor and help them in clinical tasks like removing sutures, giving injections, etc.
  • Changing the dressing on the patient wounds.
  • Schedule the appointments for the patient.
  • Sterilize and clean the instruments for the physician.
  • Provide a proper prescription of antibiotics written by the physician.
  • Giving the required physiotherapy treatments.
  • Perform and analyse the laboratory tests.

Work conditions:

A clinical assistant is required to work under long shifts in the hospitals, clinics, due to the long hours working facilities. This includes late working hours, weekends and also holidays. They work in shifts for specific time period in a day.

Tip for a good job:

  • Should be a good health care provider.
  • In case of mistakes committed just accept them and correct them.
  • Follow all the instructions given by the physician.

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