Client service associates in an organization service the clients which basically means keeping them satisfied which is very important for every organization specially in the service industry where clients are the source of revenue responding to their needs is crucial for the success and growth of the business


A client service associates works involves providing value to the client,delivering superior customer value and recognizing the other needs when the situation arises.they work with the clients and refer them to the other staff as well.they are at the disposal of clients for making their experience with the company better


A bachelors or masters degree in management with specialization in marketing or public relations or a degree in communication is required, additional certifications in this area are preferred


A client service associate should be extrovert in nature.Good communication skills are empirical with ability to think and respond quickly.should be able to stay and look calm under stressful situations and should have sales and leadership skills.ability

to handle unpleasant clients and not taking things personally


  • Familiarizing himself with the client and his needs
  • Make the clients confortable
  • Manages the Client Services Coordinators (creates staff schedules, manages workflow, handles staffing and employee issues, enforces departmental policy and procedures, is a best practices example for Client Services Duties, etc)
  • Follow established procedures to schedule appointments
  • Perform timely performance evaluations, as well as take appropriate disciplinary actions. Evaluate all Client Service staff on communication and technical skills
  • Ensuring the client remains with the company  writing reports analysing the customer service that your company provides;
  • visiting customers to provide a person to person service
  • providing feedback or complaints mechanism for customers to use;
  • developing client service procedures, policies and standards for your company
  • meeting with colleaguesto discuss possible improvements in clientr service;
  • taking part in staff recruitment and appraisals;
  • training subordinates or recruits to deliver a high standard of client service;
  • leading and supervising a group of client service staff;
  • being aware of companies product and services
  • keeping pace with developments in client service by reading latest journals, going to meetings and attending courses.


  1. Variable working hours: A client service generally have to work from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. but it sometimes may exceed those working hours. Thus, he/she may have to work full shift or half shift depending on the workload
  1. Location: they usually work in call centres or large store. These places usually are clean and have a nice surroundings but sometimes they may have to bear noises. 


  1. The client service associates must become familiar with the product, service, competitors, reputation and all the significant changes.
  2. He/she must be friendly and should always try to make the customer satisfied with the service.
  3. Also he/she must be honest in the job. This way the customer will not complain and it will be beneficial in the long run.

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