Chief accountant is a person who handles the financial transactions of the company. They work for a variety of organizations ranging from government to the private sector. They have to file taxes, manage financial accounts, they have to pay and collect bills. In short we can say that they have to look into all the financial matters of the company.

Job Description

The main duties of this job are as described as follows:

  • They have to manage the accounts department. Both the accounts that are payable, and also the ones that receive money.
  • They have to be expert accountants themselves.
  • They hire new accountants, and also train them in financial matters.
  • He has to make the company financially profitable one.
  • He will have to use financial software in computers to do work of book- keeping.
  • They will have to handle the payroll of the company.
  • They have to submit recommendations to the management regarding how to cut cost.

Job Duties

The main duties that they need to perform are as described below:

  • He is the chief accountant of the organization and is responsible for all the operations of the accounts department.
  • He has to do a lot of the financial planning for the organization.
  • He plans the technical and financial matters of the department.
  • He assigns different work to different people. He has to plan how the finance department will operate efficiently.
  • He has to oversee the operations of the financial department.
  • He has to direct the time to time maintenance of the accounts department.
  • He directs the preparation of the annual budget report of the company.


The important skills that a person in such a vital role should possess are as described below:

  • He must possess excellent skills in mathematics.
  • He should properly inform his superiors about important financial matters.
  • He must know how to use the computer software related to his work.
  • He must possess strong leadership skills, so that he can maintain different accounts department.
  • He should be a highly motivated and organized professional, having good analytical skills.
  • He should be able to work independently.
  • They should be able to work alone in their cabin or cubicle with minimum interaction.

Work Environment

The working conditions of this job profile are as discussed below:

  • They work in comfortable office settings.
  • They generally have to work normal hours, but if needed they may be required to work beyond the stipulated time.
  • They have to go to see the field work of the junior accountants.
  • He may be required to travel for business.
  • He has a sedentary job and has to work mostly on computers.


The basic educational qualifications required for this job are as described below:

  • A bachelor degree in accounting is a must. Some company’s may require a master degree.
  • They should possess the certificate of public accountant (CPA).
  • Having a degree in management or mathematics will be an added advantage.

Tips for Jobs

Some useful tips, which will be, useful for a person opting for this job will be as follows:

  • He should have an eye for detailing, as he has to check every business transaction of the organization to reach the final accounts status.
  • Although this is not a physically tough job, but mentally one should be prepared to take the stress.

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