The complete term “Certified Nursing Assistant” is used for the person who is focused towards the care of the patients who have suffered from any disease, surgery or any other kind of illness. The aim of any certified nursing assistant is to maintain the quality of life and properly recover the optimal health of the whole community. They work under senior certified nurses in places like hospitals, any nursing home or it can be even a community centre or school for prevention of the patient’s illness and injury. They strictly follow the orders from their senior nurses and are active supporters.

Job description:

The main job of any certified nursing assistant is to protect and recover the patient or the sufferer from any kind of injury or illness. They usually carry the work guided by their senior certified nurses like giving injections or bandaging any wounded part. Also they have to check the patient at proper and fixed intervals of time for their recovery by maintaining records of the meals, medication and other activities.

Skill requirements:

Since the job of a certified nursing assistant is very important so there are also some skill requirements associated with this job. Some of them are as follows:

  • Well trained about their work in the hospitals or clinics.
  • Proper knowledge of doing any task like inserting a syringe or about bandaging must be there.
  • Reporting senior nurses about every issue related to patients health.
  • A proper communication skill in order to interconnect with the patient properly is the most important of all the skills.
  • Must have proper skills of providing on- time aid without any kind of delay to the injured.
  • Must acts as support pillar of their certified senior nurses in providing proper health aids to the people.
  • Punctual and regular on the work.

Job duties of a Nurse:

The main duties of a nurse practitioner include:

  • Attend the ones who walk in with an accident or injury properly.
  • Feeding the patient.
  • Be available at all times so that the aid could be provided any time even in case of any emergency.
  • Monitor the patient carefully.
  • Keep the patient satisfied with the aid at all times.
  • Check and maintain the patient’s record at fixed intervals of time.
  • Should help the patient in every possible aspect.
  • Carefully work under the guidance of the seniors.
  • Correct the mistakes if any.
  • Also emptying the catheter bag of the patient.

Work conditions:

A certified nursing assistant is required to work under long shifts in the hospitals, nursing homes due to the hospital’s 24 hours working facilities. This includes late working hours, weekends and also holidays. They work in proper allotted shifts for specific time period in a day. One should not hesitate when it comes to dedication towards the job and so they should provide best health care aid they can to the patients. Also the salary payments have been quite good too in this profession. Many other programs are also available which helps in increasing the pay.

Tip for job:

  • Should be a good health care provider.
  • In case of mistakes committed just accept them and correct them.
  • Be regular.

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