A Certified Medical Assistant is responsible for performing clinical and administrative tasks in a healthcare organization. They support doctors, surgeons and other healthcare professionals by doing small and routine tasks such as administrating medicines, maintaining records, etc. Most of the countries have organizations to certify a qualified medical assistant. For example, in USA an individual can take the CMA (AAMA) Certification Examination offered by the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) to receive a certification. Although certification is voluntary, most of the healthcare organizations prefer hiring only certified medical assistants.

Skill Requirements

  • Good communication abilities and a people friendly nature. Should be able to converse in English and local language of the area where the healthcare facility is located.
  • Must have general knowledge of science, human anatomy, medicines, biology and physiology.
  • High degree of precision in work is required due to human nature of the work.
  • Calm and professional attitude to deal with fearful and errant patients.
  • Good knowledge of various medical equipments and tools.
  • Good knowledge of computers, billing systems and healthcare related systems/databases.

Job Duties

  • Main duty is to assist doctors and other senior healthcare professionals in administrative and clinical tasks.
  • Work under the supervision of the doctor or a competent senior and perform duties given by him.
  • Administer drugs to patients as per doctor’s instructions. May also be required to perform other medical duties such as change dressings, draw blood, give injection or check blood pressure if the assistant is trained for such task and the doctor advises him to do so.
  • Maintain the medical records of patients and record vital signs.
  • Ensure proper diet is provided to the patient as per doctor’s instructions.
  • Prepare medical instruments for use during medical procedures. Ensure all the tools are clean and sterilized.
  • Prepare the patient before medical examination and also assist him during the examination process.
  • Ensure all medical supplies are in stock and liaise with the inventory/procurement department.
  • Collect blood, urine or other samples of the patients for lab testing.
  • Dispose medical waste in an environmental friendly manner as required by the necessary governing body.
  • Ensure the healthcare facility is neat and clean.
  • Answer phone calls and schedule appointments on behalf of the doctor.
  • Fulfilling the admission procedures required to admit the patient into the healthcare facility.
  • Bill the patients and maintain books of accounts.

Work Conditions

  • Will have to work in a hospital or a clinic or an ambulatory care center or a medical camp or an assisted living center or any other healthcare facility.
  • Will have to work in round the clock shifts and report to duty even when on leave in case of emergency cases.
  • May be required to work on weekends and public holidays depending upon the shift and requirement.
  • Candidates will be exposed to blood, dead bodies, open wounds, ill patients, etc. in their day to day work.
  • Long hours of work may be needed if there is an emergency medical case.

Educational Requirements

  • Should have completed a graduate or bachelor’s degree in science or nursing or medical assistance or pharmacology or related field.
  • Must be certified from an accredited institute or governing body to practice as a medical assistant.
  • Must have completed some vocational training as a medical assistant.

Tips for Job

  • Fully understand the instructions from the doctor. Ask questions in case of any doubts.
  • Greet each patient cheerfully and help them to overcome their fear.
  • Always maintain cleanliness and tidiness in the work area.

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