A catering assistant is associated with serving food and drinks at a social event. In other words, the job of offering food and drinks to a large number of people goes to a catering assistant.

Job Description

  • A catering assistant should understand the requirements of the client as far as their taste or palatability is concerned.
  • Should have the attitude to service people according to their requirements.
  • Should offer service to clients according to graded norms and the best practices that are defined by the catering industry.
  • Should lend a helping had to client.
  • Should cater to Food and Hygiene norms set by the industry.
  • Should work within a team and maintain safety measurements while dealing with food.

Job duties

There are several duties that are to be performed by catering assistants and listed below are some of the major duties performed by them:

  • A catering assistant is responsible for preparing different categories of food including main and aide dishes, appetizers, making arrangements for dinner and lunch.
  • A catering assistant should work in close association with a large team in order to prepare food fro parties and events.
  • A catering assistant should prepare the meal according to the client’s expectations.
  • Catering assistants also prepare the entire kitchen thereby enabling the chef to work in favorable conditions while preparing food.
  • Setting up all the equipments in the kitchen is one of the primary responsibilities of the catering assistant.
  • Ensure that proper norms are followed while defrosting meat or preheating the oven.
  • Making all arrangements such as washing fruits, meat, fish and vegetables followed by peeling or trimming is another duty of the catering assistant.
  • Catering assistants are also responsible for preparing and decorating the salad items that are included in the party menu.
  • The meals are served by the catering assistants in a party.
  • The catering assistant is responsible for washing, loading and unloading all the plates or utensils from the dishwasher.
  • Lastly, the catering assistant is responsible for maintaining cleanliness in the kitchen.


  • Should have a flexible attitude towards work.
  • Should have knowledge about the job and the industry.
  • Should have physical fitness to carry out work properly.
  • Confidence for dealing with critical situations.
  • Should have the attitude to enhance existing knowledge of food and hygiene.

Work Environment

The catering assistants have to perform under sheer pressure particularly while preparing food for a large party. The nature of food and drinks should be prepared according to the choice of the client and that have to follow time management skills for this purpose.


  • Should have minimum working knowledge of English and Mathematics
  • Prior experience of working in a similar environment.
  • Should have knowledge about Health and Safety norms while preparing food.

Tips for the job

  • Should exceed levels of performance.
  • Prepared to work for long hours.
  • Should have knowledge of preparing and garnishing food.
  • Effective communication skills.

The following tips will help catering assistants to perform well in their job.

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