The use of technology is growing at a very fast pace but technology changes rapidly, so once you finish with the implementation of the certain type of technology, newer and better versions are available in the market. Organizations are in a race to have the best technology solutions that would keep them ahead in the race. This brings us to a job of a business systems analyst.

Job description

A business systems analyst needs to ensure that the computers, computer programs and software that are being used in the organization are the ones that give highest productivity levels. The basic job description requires a business systems analyst to study the current technology needs of an organization, analyze the existing computer programs and software being used, and suggest and implement changes that would lead to the highest efficiency levels.

Job duties

The tasks a business systems analyst needs to perform in order to be able to meet the requirements of this job are as follows:

  • Analyze business needs
  • Align the technology being used with one that matches company’s goals and objectives
  • Introduce user friendly programs and systems
  • Work with the organizations’ customers to create computerized links at the business end
  • Work with the staff and employees to understand what their requirements are
  • Understand the problems that employees are facing with the current systems
  • Attempt to eradicate the problems and develop new technology solutions
  • Implement the programs and software that result in cost saving and efficiency for the organizations operations.


In order to successfully perform the above mentioned duties certain skills which a person must have are:

  • Must have sound technical skills
  • Should be able to understand business systems
  • Must have good analytical skills to understand the business needs and problems
  • Must have good communication and convincing powers to make people accept the new technology without fear and resistance
  • Should be able to develop good coordination with all departments
  • Should be good at presenting and getting new ideas approved
  • Must have the ability to work in individual capacity
  • Must be able to deal with complex projects

Work environment

The work of a business systems analyst requires a comprehensive and bird’s eye view of the entire organization so that systems and programs can be standardized across the organization. This work requires the business systems analysts to go around the entire organization to understand every department and individuals’ need. The work hours can therefore be very long, the work can be complex but the work environment will be very professional.


A business systems analyst must have a degree or an equivalent diploma in a computer or programming related field. Information Technology, Computer Science, software programming and general business administration are degrees that can be relevant for this job.

Tips for the job

An important tip which greatly helps a business systems analyst in becoming successful in this job is to combine the technical expertise with business management skills in order to make use of computer related knowledge and blend it with business administration techniques.

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