A Business System Analyst is a person who possess certain skills and characteristics all of which target at business development. He needs to thoroughly understand the necessities of business for which he works and then deploys the new, right and cost-effective systems accordingly. A business system analyst documents and designs the logical components, functional specifications and functional behaviour of the system. He also supplies the solutions to the business problems of the organisation. The major activities even include developing technical strategies for benefits and development of the organisation.

Job description:

A business system analyst monitors the functioning system of any business company or association so as to ensure that the business activities are organized in a cost-effective and accurate manner. The main job of business system analyst is to gather, troubleshoot and interpret data in order to improve the business system processes. He reviews, modifies and recommends the business requirements of a company. A business system analyst is also responsible for the company’s needs assessment and profits and benefits analysis to properly align the business technology with the business strategies. A business system analyst’s job is a reputed one in the market and the earnings are also quiet high in this profession.

Skill requirements:

Position of the business system analyst in any business organization demands to deal with a variety of issues and problems hence he needs to have following skills:

  • Business system analyst needs to decide the best options to implement as a solution to the business problems.
  • Supervisory skills are the most essential demand of all.
  • Effective skills of writing, listening and verbal communication.
  • Skills of decision making and team building.
  • Management skills should include time management and stress management.
  • Possess sensitivity and cultural awareness related to the organisation or company.
  • Be honest, respectful and trustworthy.
  • Ability to lead, mentor and train the other younger business system analyst.
  • Must be creative thinker, analytical and good problem solver.
  • Proficient in databases and application programming.

Job duties:

To be a successful business system analyst, the business system analyst should follow the following duties:

  • Prepare and implement beneficial policies and regulations.
  • Technical analysis and execution of supportive operations for problem solving.
  • Suggesting and implementing solutions for any hindrances or issues in the business system.
  • Maintaining, researching and encourage development for continued innovations in the company or organization.
  • Contribute to maintain the standards of the business system as well.
  • Should be regular to his job.
  • Present proposals to the clients.
  • Overseeing the implementation procedure of the new system.
  • Providing training to the staff and the new members.
  • Ensure the user satisfaction and technical compatibility.
  • Prepare technical reports of the complete business data about the collecting and analysing the information.
  • Doing designing modifications in the current system to increase its efficiency.

Work conditions:

The job of a business system analyst demands working under unavoidable conditions which even demands unconventional duration and frequency of occurrence of physical demands. The work is to be performed under externally imposed situation as well. To organize the essential databases and resolve the business issues, a good business system analyst should use technical strategies.

Tip for a good job:

  • Should provide administrative support to the company.
  • Should be strong in coordinating in business problems and also implementing the solutions.
  • Should be well-organized as the work demands good communication skills and specialized level of qualifications.

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