A business analyst is a person who makes research on the total demands raised in the business. Studying the business extensively and analyzing the profits and outcomes is the main task covered by business process analyst. The success of any business depends on the talent of the analyst who studies the business and gives suggestion for taking the right route to reach profit.

Job description

The task of a business analyst depends from one company to another. Some of the basic jobs done by business process analyst are:

  • Identifying the problem in business and providing right solution.
  • Conducting research on market and collecting data in right format.
  • Analysis of market trend and suggest suitable solution for getting profits.
  • Implementation of software programs for generating reports retrospectively.
  • Use multiple strategies for reaching the desired target.
  • Encouraging team work and managing the administration equally.
  • Effectively manage finances to control expenses.
  • Studying the overall strength of the business and formulate ways to expand it.

Job duties

It is the responsibility of the business analyst to integrate technology for achieving the right business model.

  • Identifying the weakness and strength of business model
  • Assessing the right strategy for making business and marketing products.
  • Suggesting ways to increase the profit in business
  • Taking measures to control cost by cutting down unwanted expenses
  • Approach each problem in the company logically to find right solution.
  • He works on various tools and documents for collecting data.
  • Choosing the right brand for the products to effectively marketing it to consumers.
  • Professionalism in approaching job and achieving the goals is required.


To work as business analyst, first you should have complete understanding of the business or project you have taken.

  • Analytical thinking combined with logical reasoning is a must to work as business analyst.
  • Clear understanding of the project and demands of the administrators.
  • Effective communication skills and good patience to listen to your management.
  • Stamina to accept rejection and again starting to work on the project afresh.
  • Understanding the current market trend.
  • Leadership skills for managing teams and motivation skills for encouraging workers.
  • Must have sound knowledge with working on computers.
  • Should adhere to tight schedules, submitting the work before deadlines.
  • Should be able to make market projection in the upcoming months and even for years.
  • Having problem solving skills and fast thinking is added advantage.
  • Creativity, methodical thinking and dedication towards work are appreciated.

Job environment

The job atmosphere of business analyst varies from one organization to another. It can be purely outdoors involving field work, analyzing market trends and suggesting suitable strategies for marketing. Sometimes it can be indoors working online for finding out marketing techniques for clients.


You should have completed bachelor degree in business administration from recognized University or college. Having a Master’s degree is valuable for getting decent salary. Ensure that you are choosing the institute which gives you CPA certification.

Tips for the job

You should be prepared for working under any situation. Further you have to be mentally stable for providing solutions for the problem that is not consistent. Have adaptation to sudden changes and be ready to work under hectic time constraints.

Organize your work by having clear understanding of the expectations of the management. Analyze the market trend using different strategies. Develop more effective ways of communication to your employer by means of flow charts and graphs.

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