A business developer is a generic title for a number of responsibilities that are to be handled by a business developer. Therefore, a business developer is responsible for performing all those functions that are directly related to the growth of the company.

Job Description

The job description of business development focuses on development of new business accounts. Here are some of the key descriptions about the functions of business development:

  • Locating new business sources, following them and fixing appointments for meeting them.
  • Interaction with the client in order to convey the launch of new product.
  • Making preparations for presentations.
  • Tracking the market movements.
  • Conveying the market news to the higher management.
  • Establishing new relationships with potential clients and maintaining the existing relationships.
  • Supervising the support teams.
  • Managing accounts and preparing reports.

Job Duties

The brief outline of the job duties that are handled by business developers are as follows:

  • Providing support to the higher management or senior authorities on how to enhance the tactics of selling in order to reach the target.
  • Devising ways for materialization of the sales strategies that have been planned beforehand.
  • Arranging and assigning budget for every department.
  • Development of new business and targeting new territories and consumers for better business prospects and growth.
  • Assessing and evaluating the capacity of the market, studying the trends and the activities.
  • Recognition of new business opportunities.
  • Targeting new customers while maintaining the existing ones.

On the whole, the business developers are supposed to research the trends of the market in order to predict the possible outcome of the business and devise strategies for supporting the sales structure of the company.


A business developer should have the following skills:

  • Should possess an optimistic attitude.
  • Leadership and enterprising skills.
  • Should be able to communicate effectively with potential and existing customers.
  • A business developer should possess convincing skills or should have the capacity to persuade consumers.
  • Should be able to mingle with the team despite having an attitude of self initiation.
  • Should be confident while representing the company and its products or services.

Work Environment

The business developers are supposed to perform their duties during normal office hours, but the nature of their job involves extensive travelling for meeting new clients or closing deals with customers. A majority of business developers have top perform their duties under pressure for achieving their sales targets.


The qualifications that are required for the job of a business developer are:

  • Possessing a degree of university although it may be optional.
  • Experience in sales and marketing depending on the level for which the job is sought.
  • Have the capacity to promote sales through excellent presentation about the company.
  • Should be a good performer on the field.
  • Should have working knowledge of computers, Microsoft Office and CRM software.

Tips for the job

The job tips for business developers are:

  • Should be a go-getter.
  • Must have an innovative attitude with respect to sales strategies.
  • Should be a good listener in order to understand the requirements of consumers.

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