A Business Consultant works in areas as varied as marketing, accounting, HR (human resources) and management. He helps improve companies through analysing weaknesses and suggesting remedies.

He further makes an investigation of the existing practices of a company and makes recommendations for improvements.

Skill Requirements

A Business Consultant should have well-developed oral and written communication skills. He should also possess excellent interpersonal relationships so as to build strong relationships with the clients. He should further have efficient problem solving skills.

He should be proficient in computer operations and should have strong presentation skills.

He should be able to prioritize and multi-task. He should have a keen eye for detail. Also, he should have the capacity to underatand various business processes.

He should be creatively inclined to offer innovative solutions to the problems. He should be always eager to upgrade himself to be skillful in latest technology to use in business environment.

He should have the invite and know how to handle new situations and challenges.

Job Duties

A Business Consultant should have a clear understanding about what clients wish to improve. This includes reviewing financial statements and analyzing business practices. After research, he may set up a new business model for the client.

Moreover, he supports the study, planning, execution and evaluation of all the projects.

He meets the clients to understand their business. He then evaluates the business market to meet project performance expectations.

He further needs to communicate with co-workers and project leaders to deliver the best solution.

Additionally, he scrutinizes the current trends to develop products and improve existing products and services.

Work Conditions

A Business Consultant constantly works under excessive workload. He always needs to work against time. This, in turn, leads to long working hours. All this definitely lead to stressful situations. So, a good physical and mental state is highly required. He should also have a good tolerance capacity for stress.

As this is a very demanding job, he needs to constantly be in a state of equilibrium to get maximum success.

Educational Qualifications

A Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management or Business Administration is the basic criterion for the job of a Business Consultant. However, a Master’s Degree would be highly preferred.

Moreover, an advanced degree, such as a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a specialization in consulting would certainly give an edge over the others.

Also, two years of related work experience would be greatly beneficial.

Tips for the Job

As the job of a Business Consultant is greatly stressful, he needs to remain cool and composed at all times to deal with the situations.

He should be highly efficient in time management as he would need to juggle many activities in a day’s time.

He should have extra-ordinary interpersonal skills as he deals with not just his team mates but also clients with different demands.

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