Business analyst is a job that is not well defined. Companies have different take this position. Some consider it closer to the IT department and some consider them as Strategists!
A Business analyst studies a company, its behavior, opportunities, weakness, etc and on such data evaluates strategies that would help the company grow. Further they implement the plans, until the objective is achieved and a concluding analysis is done.
They also have ample of similar responsibilities like making small suggestions, training employees, developing and maintaining standards for the company, making timely reports showing progress, etc.

Skill Requirements

Business analysts are expected to be highly skilled and knowledgeable. The personality needed for every kind of company may vary but some of the general qualities are listed below:

  • Observant – to catch flaws in an on-going system.
  • Smart judgment – to evaluate the plan.
  • Systematic – to make a smart plan in an organized way.
  • Good communicator – to interact with the clients clearly.
  • Humble – to be inoffensive while pointing out flaws.
  • Understanding of SDLC
  • Knowledge of technicalities
  • Tech and web savvy
  • Database designing ability

Job Duties

Since the job profile is intense, the job duties and responsibilities are plenty.

  • Meet and discuss with the executives, managers and employees of the company. Make sure to involve everyone and get maximum views out.
  • Interview as many personnel to decode an error or loop hole.
  • Look into company’s history, past records, sales, clients, manuals and other documents.
  • Study the clients and prospects too. Analyze their behavior patterns and attitude.
  • Analyze all the data gathered and list suggestions and possible plans/ strategies.
  • Prepare graphs, charts and statistic documents to present to the client. Approve the ideas and concepts.
  • Arrange training sessions for employees who need improvement.
  • Help in implementing the plan.
  • Regularly inspect, analyze and report progress to the client.
  • At the end make a concluding report of the entire journey of change.

Work Conditions

The working conditions depends on where and which company does the applicant work for. The conditions could vary with time too. The Business analyst must make sure he can adapt and manage all of these:

  • Pressure from the client on making a better plan.
  • Executives who do not believe in the plan.
  • Executives who have a narrow vision and deny the plan working.
  • Employees who do not take the training seriously.
  • Demand for better results in lesser time.

Educational Requirements

The educational requirements and past experiences are not static in every company and for every project. However, a business analyst must have at least the following:

  • MBA from a reputed institute.
  • Exposure in field studies and business organizations.
  • Any experience with software or strategic planner’s team.

Tips for the Job

  • Make sure to be 100% present while working.
  • Take suggestions and comments from all the heads and executives of the company.
  • Make sure they are confident of your work. If not, prove them how will the plan achieve the set objective.

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