A business administrator is the person who looks after the business thoroughly and maintains its steady growth. He writes the report and monitors the execution. He reports to the chief executive officer of the company. The administrator ensures the apt growth and stability of the business organization. However, his duties often modifies according to the nature of the business.

Job Description

The business administrator is a very responsible position of a business organization. In some companies the position is also called operation manager. He is the person who looks after each and every operation of the business. He supervises the performance of the staffs and then prepares the report about the company’s performance. The report is submitted to the general manager. This report help the board of director’s to understand the performance of the business.

Job Duties

The business administrator’s key responsibilities are,

  • Monitoring staff performance.
  • Supervising the performance of administrative staff.
  • Preparing business reports.
  • Controlling expense and preparing budget.
  • Coordinating with different departments
  • Working closely with the PR and maintaining the relation with other companies
  • Creating annual reports
  • Handling accounts
  • Client handling
  • He has to plan, organize and lead a task with his team
  • Working with HR and conducting interviews for recruiting in the administrative department.


  • Excellent written and spoke communication skill
  • Team management quality
  • Organizational skill
  • Analytical skill
  • Decision making skill
  • Handling emergency situation.
  • Time management skill
  • Multi tasking ability
  • Based on the nature of the job, he has to modify his skill
  • Management skill
  • Ability to coordinate with the departments and control the junior staff

Work Environment

A business administrator works inside the administrative office of a company. Most business school, pass outs work in a sophisticated office environment. It is a very important position of a firm. Hence, the company recruits people in the executive position. The executive works in lavish offices and gets other facilities. Since, they have to work for long hour, they get additional perks from the company.


  • To work as a business administrator, the person must have a Degree in Business Administration from a recognized University.
  • Education qualification is very essential in this field. You must study the subjects like Marketing, Organizational behavior, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Economics, Accounting and Statistics.
  • You must know about the various theories of business management.
  • A Bachelor Degree in Business Administration or a Management in Business Administration (MBA) is needed to work in the field.
  • Technical knowledge is essential, since he has to prepare reports on computer.
  • Knowledge of accountancy and finance management is also essential for preparing annual reports.

Tips For The Job

To build a career in business management follow the below mentioned tips,

  • Ability to plan and a thirst for organizing business is essential.
  • A drive to influence the growth of the firm.
  • Solves internal problem
  • Negotiation skill

The role of a manager is to organize, plan and execute daily activities of a company.

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