A Bus Driver is a person  who takes up the duty of driving passengers , students and commuters from one location to the place they wish to reach with full safety , satisfaction and responsibility. He needs to have a basic customer handling skills and excellent driving skills. This occupation requires a professional to communicate with passengers, issue tickets, and drive them to their destined place. A person working as a bus driver has to follow routes and number of working hours for driving on wheels.                                                            

A school bus driver has to be responsible for kid’s safety and drive accordingly because even the hard brake could hurt a child. He is required to possess a first aid kit in case of emergency an ensure complete safety for the children. A Bus Driver in transit or working for intercity transport has to work more compared to other drivers and even have to work late nights, more hours or unusual hours. A Bus driver has to check the weather conditions, wheel and other parts, oil and water levels, traffic conditions and drive accordingly to reach the destination.

Skills Requirements:-

1.A Bus drive should have a basic communication skills to handle passengers travelling in the bus.
2.He should have the thinking capability in case of any problems like more traffic and accidents occur on the road, to reach the destined place by changing the route or any other alternative.
3. This professional is required to maintain proper ticket issuing, collecting cash and handle customer reach their destined place.
4.Time management is one of the major skills a bus driver needs to have as its a crucial issue with the people to reach on time to the place they want to go and also to other destinations for other passengers travelling on other stops
5.Equipment handling skills to check the basic working of the spare parts in the bus and  if required to change it for better functioning.
6.Possess the basic reading and writing skills for communicating with the passengers travelling in the bus.
7.Coordinate with the coworkers in order to be updated with the new routes or any changes in the system and also if any help required.

1.Maintain the cash received from issuing tickets in order to have a track on the accounting.
2.To check the equipments and the spare parts , the oil and water levels in the vehicle at regular intervals to avoid unexpected problems occurring in the vehicle.
3. Make passengers seated and regulate the standing passengers to one side for the comfort of the other passengers entering the bus.
4.Check for the weather conditions and traffic conditions and also the departure timing to reach the destination at specific time.
5.Handle the baggages of the passengers properly and check if the passengers  need help.  Maintain ordeal manner for  baggage keeping to relocate easily as per  the passengers destination.
6.Check for the electricity and ventillating system of the bus prior the departure to make sure everything is fixed in place.
7.Park the bus at the place from were the passengers are to be loaded so that its becomes easier for the passengers to locate the bus they have to board.
8.Check for the departure timing and the routes for the particular destination to be taken before  taking off the bus.
9. Check for the schedules , drive safe to avoid accidents , total safety for students are the major responsibilities.

Work Conditions:-
1. Work conditions involves risk of travelling on the highway and rural areas and other uneven places.
2. Involves sitting at one place for long time while long distance travelling is involved.
3. To maintain the complete hygiene and cleanliness in the bus and check regularly for the proper functioning of its system
4. Will have exposure to different climatic conditions and also adverse drug tests regularly.
5. Picking up and placing heavy baggages to assist passengers.

Educational Requirements:-
1.A person for the post of the Bus Driver must have a commercial driving license for which they have to pass a written examination and a bus driving test.
2.Must be under 18years or more and the experience of. Six months and above.
3. No formal educational degree or any other qualification is required.
4. Proper communication skills are necessary to speak to the passengers and help them.
5.Some places they are required to pass out a medical examination, no criminal records and also needs to take extra training.

Tips for Job:-
1. Be very regular on work according to the scheduled departure time of the bus to avoid being late and delay departures to avoid frustration among the passengers.
2. Excellent communication skills work to impress the passengers even if any delays or problems arise.
3.Feel free to apologize for your mistakes.
4.Drive very safe , its okay to be late, because safety is the prime concern more in case of students.
5.Keep the bus and its system properly maintained to avoid inconvenience for the passengers inside the bus.

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