A billing analyst’s job is to help the company’s expense accounting, get billing approval, create invoices and also calculates due incoming fees. He or she also has to make records of all transactions in the company and resolve all current billing issues too.

Job description

  • The billing analyst is also responsible for taking part in the training program of bill collection representatives and billing assistants.
  • He or she will be assigned special projects and will be responsible for its completion.
  • The billing analyst has to analyze, as well as maintain records, orders and invoices to ensure accuracy.
  • They have to adhere to the guidelines and instructions of the firm to conduct all the functions.
  • Has to take part in the end of the month closing and assess the billing proceeds and organize the client statement for the next month.

The main objective is to create accurate accounts and inventory of the company. He or she has to supervise the billing assistants and manage their progress.

Job duties

Billing analysts has a lot of responsibilities in the account department of firms. Some of the significant duties include:

  • Confirm accuracy in all billing data and modify any errors found.
  • Operate all billing equipment like computer, calculator and billing machines.
  • Carry out bookkeeping jobs like posting data and maintaining other records such as shipment of goods and cost of services or items.
  • Contact all customers to get or convey information about their account.
  • Make statements, invoices, bills and record all the amounts which are due for all the purchased items or any services rendered.


Without fundamental knowledge and skill, it is very difficult to excel in one’s job. Here are some skills very critical to become an expert billing analyst.

  • A billing analyst should have knowledge about the industry he or she is working for.
  • He or she should have interest as well as be proficient in accounting and numbers.
  • Must have the capability to work independently and meet deadlines efficiently.
  • Should have solid analytic skills and be able solve problems in the company expertly.
  • Should be able to manage the firm and be good at multitasking.
  • Verbal communication skill is very vital to interact with clients in financial matters

Work environment

The environment of the work place of billing analysts differs a lot. He or she will find work in all kinds of industries. Their usually have an office to themselves within the firm they are working for.

Whichever firm they work for, they are highly respected and offered every facility to keep them happy in their job.


  • Minimum 4 year degree preferably related to accounting.
  • Professional accounting experience is valued by employers.
  • Proficiency in bookkeeping, financial software and accounting

Tips for jobs

Some tips are offered to make it easy to perform well in your firm.

  • You should be able to produce accurate work even during stressful situations.
  • Always take care of minute details in all your work.
  • You should be a great team player and relate well with the staff of every division in the firm.

By adhering to these suggestions, you should be able to offer excellent work to your firm.

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