A simple coordinator has got a vast responsibility. They are basically appointed to make coordination between departments and third party to run a company smoothly. The profile of benefits coordinator is quite different from the position like project coordinator, marketing coordinator etc. A benefits coordinator is responsible towards the director, insuring effective benefits of the employees, operation of different pension plans etc.

Job Description:

Within the benefits department of the company, benefits coordinator has got the responsibility to support individuals as well as team. All the transactional duties related to administering life, dental, vision and retirement benefits are performed by benefits coordinator. He can also take initiative to assist in employees counselling with regards to the use of such benefits. He would also provide an orientation to the new employees to deliver the benefits. A proper record of all employees is maintained by benefits coordinator.

Skill requirements:

Like every profession, Benefits coordination must also have some key skills on the basis of which he or she is considered to be a part of a company. Some of the requirements are:

  • He must maintain all confidential information about the employees
  • He should have a good oral and written communication skill
  • He must act as a bridge between employees, benefits department and the vendors
  • An exceptional interpersonal skill is also very important

Job Duties:

He is deployed in an organization for carrying on with diverse job duties. His job duties are primarily concerned with the benefits of the employees working in the organization. Some of the important job duties are:

  • Communication of vital information to the employees
  • A proper understanding of plans regarding health, insurance and retirement
  • Tactful negotiation of insurance plans
  • He must also understand several policies regarding legislation and benefits programs
  • Proper enrolment of the employees to the benefit programs and make modifications with regards to the coverage

Work condition:

This category is having an intention to show the basic nature of the allocated positions. Here the example of typical duties assigned to employees is judged with their performance. Thus, working condition is really an important issue while speaking about the job category.

Educational requirements:

There is a criterion of choosing a benefits coordinator. The qualification will remain the same but the other factor varies from one company to another. Following are some level of qualification to be maintained:

  • He must have completed a diploma or degree program for two years in a reputed college
  • The specialization should be related to arts
  • He must have completed a major courses work
  • A good experience in the particular field is an added advantage

Tips for the job:

If you are going to apply for the position of benefits coordinator, you need to do some home work before attending the interview process. You must follow some sample question based on which your interview will be successful. Some of the questions that can help you are:

  • What was your contribution to the previous company being a benefits coordinator?
  • Describe your successful completion of a difficult tasks.

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