A behavior analyst is supposed to carry out experimental research on the behavior of an individual in order to study the changes in behavior and its relationship with the environment. Behaviors analysts furnish their study reports based on their observations.

Job Description

  • Behavioral analysts emphasize on those behaviors that are easily noticed or that which can be observed.
  • They are supposed to study the effect of external influence on the behavior and psychology of an individual. Analysis of behavior is usually done in school children.
  • Behavioral analysts also work in hospitals or community clinics for suggesting corrective remedies for those patients who have mental problems.
  • Assisting individuals for identifying their needs and helping them to get proper treatment for irrational or improper behavior.
  • They are also responsible for offering long term suggestions for those patients and their family members who are in the phase of recovery.
  • For mental troubles and developmental disorders such as autism or other brain injuries, the behavioral analysts work in association with the doctor who is treating a patient.

Job duties

The job duties of behavioral analysts include the following:

  • The behavioral analysts work individually and also in hospitals and clinics where they are supposed to offer their suggestions to doctors about changes in behavior of the patients.
  • The behavioral changes and reasons analyzed by them are provided to doctors for carrying out appropriate treatment.
  • However, behavioral analysts are not supposed to administer any kind of drug to the patients as they do not work in any medical capacity.
  • The behavioral analysts also work with government agencies for studying different aspects of criminal behavior.


  • Behavioral analysts should have good listening skills along with power of observation.
  • They must have flexible approach for dealing with all kind of patients who are suffering from behavioral problems.
  • Identification of behavioral problems provides quick responses to doctors who are dealing with patients.
  • Should have the ability to suggest solutions to problems.
  • They should also have the ability to interact with people for studying the behavior.
  • They should have analytical and reasoning skills.
  • Tolerance towards those patients who have behavioral and psychological problems.
  • Should have stability in their behavior.

Work Environment

The behavioral analysts have to work in varied environments depending on the nature of the work that they are handling. While they can work in hospitals for continuing their therapy on those patients who require assistance, they are often employed by schools and educational institutions for the treatment of children and analyzing their behavior.


Behavioral analysts should possess a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in psychology for obtaining jobs as beginners. However, for advanced level jobs Doctorate in psychology is required by those who are keen to practice behavioral analysis. There are various regulations or laws that are to be followed by behavioral analysts while seeking a job in this field.

Tips for jobs

  • Behavioral psychologists should be emotionally prepared for handling patients with different kinds of behavioral problems.
  • Experience of handling patients with behavioral troubles should prove advantageous.
  • They should have the ability to work in different environments.

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