A beauty consultant helps you to improve your overall appearance and maintain it that way by giving you advice on how to take care various body parts, skin and nails, and also advices you on the bath and beauty products you should use.


A beauty consultant will introduce the customers to the latest products by offering them samples, giving demonstrations of their use and explaining their benefits. The consultant may help customers to apply the cosmetics and explain how they can use them to get the best results. The person needs to keep account of inventory levels and restock when necessary. If a beauty consultant is self-employed, time has to be spent in a home office making calls to customers to take refill orders and access their needs. The rest of the time can be spent by travelling to customers’ homes, offering product demonstrations and delivering products.


  • Being dressed in a professional manner

• Skill in Sales and marketing

• maintaining network with clients and distributors

• having self confidence and courtesy

• Being good in customer service and relations

• Listening attentively and communication skills

• Knowledge in using computers

• Managing appearance related stress of clients and resolving problems

• Being efficient and competitive in nature

• Good understanding of cosmetics and beauty information


A Beauty Consultant usually performs many of the following tasks:

• Selling beauty products and collecting payments from clients

• Making recommendation of different products to the customers

• Conducting demonstration of products so that clients do not face any difficulty in using them later.

• Keeping stock of products and inventory and restocking them when necessary.

• Presenting detailed information about new products to clients so that they may get interested in buying them.

• Meeting the sales targets set by superiors.


If the aspirant has a background in cosmetology or sales experience, then there is strong chance of excelling in a career as a beauty consultant. There are no definite formal qualification requirements for working as a Beauty Consultant. Having high school qualification is quite acceptable. However, all employers expect their Consultants to be very professional and helpful, offering the best beauty advice to customers. Some employers offer apprenticeship positions to applicants so that these new employees can learn on the job while earning an income. Certificates in beauty Consultancy, Cosmetics and Makeup would be really helpful for those persons interested in this career.

Work conditions

A beauty consultant can choose to work in a large department store, small cosmetics boutique, salon or spa. A department store will usually feature different products lines. The work will be for any one of these lines as a consultant. In a spa or salon work is more likely to be exclusively with one particular product line. A lot of time will have to spend standing. Sometimes sales targets will make an environment competitive.


Most positions will require work to be done at nights and weekend, and putting in overtime during the busy holiday seasons.

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