A sales person who mainly deals with the cosmetics and skin care products is formally known as a beauty advisor. A beauty advisor’s main job is to meet the goals of the cosmetic products sales and personalized services. The person is well acquainted with ingredients present in the cosmetic products for different types of skins.


A beauty advisor should have good communication and presentation skills for dealing with retailers and customers and should be an epitome of convincing power. He should have eye of an eagle to see the flaws in your skin and ways to correct it.

In addition to this he should be well versed with the latest trends and fashion for all types of occasion (formal occasion, casual occasions, weddings etc.). Some industrial knowledge will always be beneficial.

He should be able to promote the products he is selling by giving appropriate demos.

He should be able to maintain the finances and good with numbers



A beauty advisor’s job is to sell the cosmetic products and services which the retailer assigns them of a particular line of brand. They have to maintain the brand value of the product and simultaneously attract the customers. To sell a product they should give demos and examples of previous cases. They should also tell them how the product works. They should be updated with the recent market price and futuristic value of the products.

They need to have some knowledge chemicals and herbs used in the products in order to convince people in a better way.

Some need to build relationships with customers with follow-up calls and mailing.


One of the most important duties which a customer expects from a beauty advisor is making over of a person. The advisor should be able to mix the choice and nature of the customer with the current trends.

Company Representatives

The advisor is the representative for the company and their products. He also represents the customer’s response towards the products to the retailer or the company, thus acting as a bridge between both customer and the retailer.

Maintaining the finances

Maintaining the finance register is another job of an advisor. The amount received by the customer after selling of a product and services is required. Discounts provided and offers given.


As such there is no educational qualification required for this job. But these days a little industrial knowledge and personality is an important factor. The person should be gregarious enough and should have some passion towards beauty industry.

Previous Sales experience and sales training is also considered at some places. Marketing knowledge is also helpful.

Any knowledge of the cosmetics or dermatology is an add on to your qualifications.


  • Have a friendly relationship with all your customers and never lose temper with them.
  • Have all the possible knowledge of the product which you are selling.
  • Try to know your customers well.
  • Read latest magazines and watch fashion shows to update yourself.

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