A Bar Attendant or a Bartender or a Barman generally serves drinks or beverages at a bar, restaurant or any other dining or drinking place. The bar attendant may serve alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks based on customer’s preference. He may also serve food. The bartender is generally an expert in mixing drinks and making cocktails.

Skill Requirements

  • Great communication skills. Should be able to converse fluently in English and few local languages.
  • Jovial and people friendly attitude.
  • Must love music and parties.
  • Pleasing persona and polished looks.
  • Be able to get along with other bar attendants and restaurant staff.
  • Be creative. Should be able to concoct new mixes and drinks based on customer demands.
  • Must be attentive and ensure all customers are billed correctly.
  • Must be speedy enough to create customer’s orders within a short span of time.
  • Should know how to use of credit card swipe machines.
  • Basic knowledge of computers and billing systems.
  • Knowledge of basic accounting and mathematics to ensure correct billing.

Job Duties

  • Ensure all the ingredients, cutlery and other items are in stock before the bar or the restaurant opens.
  • Ensure all the pre-preparations are also completed before the bar opens.
  • Take orders from customers. Ensure the customer is permitted to have alcoholic beverages as per local laws. In case of doubt, politely ask for any age proofs without sounding offensive.
  • Mix and serve drinks as per customer’s orders.
  • Prepare and serve food to customers.
  • Ensure the bar counter and the adjoining area is clean. Pick and dispose used plates or any other debris.
  • Politely ask customers for a repeat of the drink.
  • In case of any fights or undesirable incidents, inform the security or the bouncer at the earliest.
  • Create a bill on customer’s request or when the bar is about to shut.
  • Collect payment from the customers and process it.
  • In case of credit or debit card payment, take a signed copy of the bill from the customer.
  • Do an inventory check of all the items once the bar is closed.
  • Ensure the area is cleaned thoroughly before leaving.
  • Supervise junior attendants and help in their training.

Work Conditions

  • Will have to work in a bar, lounge, pub, nightclub, restaurant, hotel or any other dining or drinking place.
  • Work timings will be mostly evening to late night.
  • Will have to work in a crowded environment with loud music.
  • Work involves being on feet throughout working hours.
  • Will have to work on weekends and holidays.

Educational Requirements

  • Under graduate or Graduate in any field.
  • Must have completed a course on bartending.
  • Candidates who have completed a course in culinary skills or hospitality will be preferred.
  • Previous experience as a bar attendant will be an added advantage.

Tips for Job

  • Be courteous and helpful.
  • Always ensure superior customer service.
  • Thank the customer on receiving a tip.
  • Serve each and every customer with a smile.

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