An automotive service advisor job normally falls under the category of First Line Supervisor of Office and Administrative Support Workers. They are professionals who know what kind of maintenance and repair work has to be done on new and used cars, so that they run safely.

Job description

  • The automotive service advisor job is more about customer service than vehicle maintenance work. Communicating with clients is their main job.
  • With quality customer service, they try to increase the sales for the company.
  • Writes reports on orders, verifies warranties, develops estimates and maintains records of customers.
  • Initiates automotive repairs and services.
  • Handle enquiries of customers, through telephone or in person.

There are several relevant goals to be fulfilled as a part of job description. The main areas to be supervised is customer care and work progression of automotive mechanics

Job duties

An automotive service advisor has many responsibilities in an automobile company. Some of the responsibilities assigned to them include:

  • Train employees in job duties.
  • Supervise administrative, office and customer service staff to ensure quality service and adherence to correct procedures.
  • Discuss issues about job performances with employees and work in resolving them.
  • Creates estimates
  • Maintains rapport with customers
  • Preparation of report orders
  • Maintains reports of customers.
  • Offer instructions for future work


Along with job knowledge and qualifications, if an automotive service advisor has some fundamental skills, it will be much more productive for the advance in his or her career. These are some of the essential skills required:

  • Be computer literate
  • Handle as well as offer excellent customer service
  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Able to handle and manage stress
  • Good at resolving problems
  • Be sales oriented
  • Good at managing multiple duties
  • Be flexible and professional as well
  • Be a good listener

Work environment

Since a job of an automotive service advisor is customer related, most of the times, they have a desk in front of the garage area. These jobs are mostly challenging and demanding. You have to deal with a lot of stress. However, they utilize stress management skills to cope with all kinds of stressful situations.

The work environment may not be demanding in some companies, as the situation differs in this industry.


  • Diploma in Post secondary automobile mechanic
  • Two year automobile mechanic degree
  • NVQs
  • GCSEs

Tips for jobs

These are some suggestions which may help in enhancing your position.

  • Keep a strict eye on maintaining quality work of automotive mechanics
  • Be professional in all your dealings
  • Be very pleasant and courteous to customers
  • Have total knowledge of automotives
  • Good interaction with other staff members
  • Excellent supervising qualities
  • Focused on productivity and quality workmanship

These tips can help individual excel in their job and make great strides in their career as automotive service advisor in any company, they are hired to work in.

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