In order to relax students and provide them with some athletic activities, most of the high schools and colleges offer different kinds of sports. So, it is very important for these institutions to have an effective and efficient athletic director who can provide a good leadership.

Job description

An athletic director is a person who involves in the administration and performs his responsibilities in universities, colleges and schools. As an athletic director, he may engage in fund raising, intercollegiate budget and also many other activities of students. He is responsible to handle publicity, supervise coaches and the recruitment process.

Job duties

Athletic director has various responsibilities, which are given below:

  • He has to plan and direct for the sports activities. He manages all activities regarding sports for students, employers and related occasions, finances and publicity.
  • It is also a part of his job to handle the coaches and others who are involved in running sports activities.
  • He acts as a leader of all kinds of sports programs and gives assurance that all sports equipments are safe and unbroken, funding is in proper place and well managed and all equipments are available in the institution.
  • He also works together with the other heads of the departments in order to organize and take part in all activities.


Following skills are necessary if you want to become a good athletic director:

  • It would be your plus point if you also have coaching or teaching experience.
  • You must have a complete knowledge regarding sports rules and regulations for each sport that you will manage.
  • Other skills that will benefit you to become an athletic director involve management, leadership, organization and interpersonal communication.

Work environment

Athletic director works in a wide variety of conditions. He operates in the gymnasium, controlled office, outdoor field environment, and training rooms.


  • Bachelor degree is compulsory for getting the post of the athletic director in some areas such as education or physical education.
  • Schools’ director may ask for the teaching certificate also.
  • There are some organizations where the employers also prefer master degree for hiring an athletic director. You can get your required degrees in any related area such as athletic management or administrator.
  • Many high schools require the master degree along with three to five years of experience in coaching and administrative.

Tips for the job

  • There are two most common questions that an employer will ask from you before you go to apply for the athletic director job.
  1. What kind of experience and skills do you have in order to maintain and implement sports programs for workers or students?
  2. Can you spend your extra time in weekends, evenings or when there will be holidays in school as an athletic director?
  • Do not forget to mention any relevant experience or skill in your cover letter or resume. Search from the internet about different kinds of responsibilities of an athletic director. If you think, you are eligible to do this work then mention all the responsibilities in resume.
  • Make sure that you can spend 70 to 80 percent of your time for your job.

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