In the leading IT companies for example XYZ IT company started up at Kolkata headquartered in New Jersey, U.S and is known for in providing world-class enterprise solutions and providing services to their clients or customers. Possess a strong focus on implementing business value to their clients, we as a company attentively work towards studying their business needs and changing to the same into simple, stout and cost affording IT solutions that optimize their day-by-day business deals.


In short describing the job description The company’s products includes summarised Enterprises Resources Planning (ERP) systems. The services provides a span across Analysis of business , Project Manage , Customizing programs and applications and Outsourcing solutions in total.

Skill requirement:

  • Experienced required of a year working on detailed Programming Language of computer.
  • Experience for a year working on Enterprise resources solution and CRM projects.
  • Proper knowledge & good understanding of software developing life cycle is one of the necessary tool.
  • Need a practical knowledge on technologies such as various databases related to the software world.

Job duties:

  • Innovating and development of software application and products using ASP.Net and SQL programming languages related to software field.
  • Sorting the company’s product according to the client needs and requirements, by making necessary changes to first and the last end-end by modifying the existing code and developing new functions using the above mentioned programming software and language.
  • Configure the company’s product to the needs of the client by cutting the business data flows and processes.
  • Testing the solutions meticulously by developing a detailed test plan and ensuring that the process solution is passed with the design document.
  • Projecting the system at client location and ensuring that the system is in the proper way to meet the business requirements.
  • Conducting periodical training sessions for end-users.
  • Understanding & diagnosing issues raised, short listing solution alternatives and ensuring timely completion of the same in all aspects.
  • Preparing documents and presentation involved in the life cycle of the project.

Work conditions:

The successful candidate will have the ability, enthusiasm and commitment to extend his/her skills base throughout the above functions and can be cool and calm during critical hours of work . Candidates should possess the capability to work both individually and as part of a team or can be said as a team worker. Genuine communication skills, written and oral, are essential in these software field . Above all, commitment and dedication to work, care & attention to detail and an aspiration for perfection are required.

Qualifications: Bachelor in electronics or B.Tech (Bachelor in computer application or/Information Science)

Experience: Minimum of 3 years.

Industry: Information Technology – Software Company

Function: Developing application and Enterprise Solutions (ERP/CRM)


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  • Be cool and chillax.
  • Use a to z planning.

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