An assistant is a person who assists his co-worker in completing his duties and responsibilities efficiently and effectively. In other words, he can be considered as the right hand of the person he is working in collaboration with.

Job Description

  • He helps in implementing the administrative system,policies,procedures, etc.
  • He helps in the general functioning of the office as a whole.

Job Duties

  • He studies methods which will improve the work flow, find methods of cost reduction.
  • He provides information and educational opportunities to the employee so that the company gets good administrative staff.
  • He helps in creation or revision of system and procedures by analyzing different practices and systems.
  • He resolves the issues pertaining to preparation of report, data analysis and identification of solutions.
  • He ensures the machines are properly repaired, maintained and are under comprehensive maintenance scheme.
  • If somebody asks for information, or some requests then he has to provide information for the same.
  • He has to keep a stock of the inventory level so that he can anticipate when fresh stocks will be required and place orders accordingly.
  • He has to keep himself abreast with the latest technologies and developments by attending workshops or seminars and participating in professional societies and establishing personal network.


There are some basic skills that a person should possess to become a successful Assistant.

  • Assistants are efficient people who are able to think critically, have leadership skills and can take decisions on behalf of their bosses.
  • They should have orderliness in their work; have troubleshooting capabilities and troubleshooting capabilities.
  • Time management is another attribute that they have to possess as they have to manage both their boss and their own time.
  • Knowledge of computers is a must, and without it, no work can be completed.
  • They should be able to fill in the role of administrative assistants; like they should be able to answer phone calls, file correspondence, etc.

Work Environment

The work environment of an Assistant depends on the type of work that the person is doing. An Assistant can be working on site or can work in an office. If he is working onsite, then he has to see the optimum production level of the company. He has to ensure that the output of the working unit is more than the input so that the company earns some profit.

If the Assistant is working from office, then he has to ensure the work environment is conducive to the high productivity of the employees. Although Assistants work in every industry they are mostly found in school, hospitals, offices, etc.


The basic and desirable qualification of an Assistant is as follows-

  • Graduation is a must in such a profile and a post graduation degree in Management is a must.
  • Good verbal communication is a must.
  • A degree or diploma in computer is a must. Knowledge of MS Office, Excel sheet, PPT, is a must.

Tips for Jobs

For a person to become a successful Assistant he has to be master of all domains be it administration, inter personal skills, verbal skills, etc. If he can follow these simple steps, then he can become a successful Assistant.

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