An art director can work in different forms of media as they may work in the arena of advertisements of televisions and even films or offline media as well. The art directors must be extremely creative in his work and must know how to come up with new designs and fresh ideas that are sure to click.

Job description

Art directors that work in advertisement field need to check the layouts and provide fresh designs and concepts. They should look at the flyers, brochures or even the concept behind the advertisements and give their own inputs. Their main aim is to breathe the wave of freshness and creativity into the ads and make them look appealing to the viewers.

Job duties

The duties of an art director are very diverse and varied. Some of their main tasks are as follows.

  • Check out the different styles and designs that can be used as layouts.
  • Must review the final copies and suggest the edits if required.
  • Make sure that their projects are carried out in the right frame of time as they must meet the deadlines.
  • The estimated budget should not be exceeded.
  • Check out the different photography methods and style that can be incorporated to make the ads look more lively and entertaining.
  • Interact with copy writing, production and marketing department to ensure that the full assignment turns out to be successful.
  • Stay updated about the developments in the field of designing and presentation.
  • Communicate with both the subordinates as well as the superiors to come up with new and efficient designs that can boost the appeal of the advertisement.


The skills that an art director must possess to efficiently carry out the tasks that are assigned to him are as follows.

  • Must be creatively rich as it is an extremely essential trait.
  • Must be willing to understand the opinion of others.
  • Must be ready to mould the opinion of their clients and be patient enough to hear to their demands.
  • Must have the ability to work in a team.
  • Must know how to lead from the front and should ensure that the team carries out the work in time and within the right budget.
  • Must have good communication as well as managerial skills as well.

Work environment

They generally work inside their own studios. However, they may have to work for long hours without any breaks. The kind of work which the directors do need strict isolation and absence of any disturbance. Thus, they should have their own office which must be nicely designed depending upon the studio in which they work. They may have to stay away from home for some short period of time depending upon the project details.


There are various educational qualifications that an art director must have. The requirements may vary from one studio to another; however, the following qualifications should come in handy.

  • A graduation degree in arts or photography is recommended.
  • Applicants may even have a master’s degree in art and designing.
  • Extra courses in designing, photography, arts or any other creativity courses are an extra benefit.
  • Any type of course done from a reputed art school is an extra advantage.

Tips for the job

  • An art director should always engage in refreshing the creative spirit.
  • They should have a cheerful disposition as it shall help in feeling fresh and can thus come up with new designs.
  • The art director should analyze the different designs and then stick with the ones that are sure to reap good money.

Such tips can do a world of good to an art director.

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