An organization may have various disciplines that require application, system or technical support. To create these systems and programs for functional areas like finance, research, human resource, etc Application Support Analysts are needed.

Job Description

Application support analysts develop, configure and support business applications for database and required needs within the agreed standards of the contract signed. They may work as a freelancer or take up a permanent job as per their time constraints.

They study the uses and needs of an application requirement, write the application, create and configure it on the work machines, provide user training and maintenance of the app.

The key aim is to make business operations easier and of quality standards.

Skill Requirements

  • Operational skills: To perform their operations and tasks efficiently. This includes all technical knowledge and skills that goes into the app creation.
  • Problem solving skills: He/she must be able to find indifferent solutions to administrative and business problems through applications and programs.
  • Strong communication skills: To interact clearly with all levels of management and his technical team, (if he has a team). Strong communication power also helps in training staff for the application created.
  • Multi tasking skills: To efficiently manage more than a couple of situations at a time.

Job Duties

The job duties vary from business to business, the contract shall mention the duties and responsibilities clearly. However, the general duties are listed below:

  • Interact with the management staff, understand their administrative problems and find technical solutions to them.
  • Create the appropriate application and install in the work stations.
  • Provide tutorial and guidance to the employees to use the application.
  • Provide upgrades and maintenance of the app.
  • Maintain appropriate levels of technical and safety standards.
  • Work with project teams, and interact with various personnel for successful transition of knowledge, if the contract demands.
  • If desired, provide with the latest technology and existing business software and systems.

Work Conditions

The job could be permanent with regular working hours of 40 hours per week and holidays on bank holidays or the job could be performed as a freelancer as and when time permits but during the business hours as usually the post is desired in large business houses. Application support analysts could work as individuals or as a team.
The job deals with extreme technicalities and machine operations, which could get tedious and strain the eyes.

The work environment is generally in a professional setting and may have to do with communicating with ample of employees.

Educational Requirements

The job qualifications are higher in bigger business houses. A college degree of Finance, HR, IT, Support system or any relevant field is accepted. Along with the degree, certifications of various computing programs are essential.

Experience in the field is as important as the degree and certifications. After assisting or working in an Application Support Analyzing team for 2 to 4 years one can aim at an individual Application Support Analyst’s post.

Tips for the Job

  • Make sure every staff member expresses their problems clearly.
  • Train each employee well with the application use, the better they can use it the more successful is your creation.
  • Be fair and transparent with the clients.

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