When a personal computer is purchased, it comes preloaded with some applications, which helps in the running of the computer. This highly specialized job is performed by an application analyst. They customize the software applications and packages to meet the clients need.

Job Description

The main jobs of the application analyst are as described as below:

  • He needs to use the different computer languages like Java, Pascal, C++, etc.
  • They use these languages to develop program for the client.
  • They create word processing applications, and they also create web browser.
  • He is required to run the application and see whether it is working properly.
  • They have to create a report on the working of the software, and also prepare manuals for the user.
  • He has to upgrade and maintain the application whenever required.
  • They need to debug or adapt an already existing program.

Job Duties

The main duties of this profession are as described below:

  • They have to focus in specific type of system, like business, scientific, accounts, finance, engineering, etc.
  • He works in consultation with the management to know what they want, and then design an application which will suit their objectives.
  • They have to use comprehensive designs from different fields like data modeling, mathematical modeling, sampling, accounting principle, etc.
  • Before implementing any application, they have to analyze the cost effectiveness of the program.
  • He has to see that the hardware and software are implemented properly for the funning of the system.
  • He has to test the application and see that they are working properly.
  • They have to find the errors in the system, diagnose the problem, and fix the issue.
  • They have to train other personnel so that they are able to us the software.


The skills required for this job are as described below:

  • He should have good knowledge about computer software and hardware.
  • He should possess knowledge about different computer languages.
  • They should be able to work independently as well as in a team.
  • They should have good communication skills.
  • He should be able to understand the needs of his clients.

Work Environment

The working conditions of these professionals are as described below:

  • They generally have to work for 40 hours a week.
  • They do not have to work in shifts, and weekends are off.
  • They have comfortable offices, which are well lit and air conditioned.
  • Although they do not have any physical stress, but, they have to work in high, mental stress.
  • They are not required to travel for work and they can work from home too.
  • They should be able to work independently, as well as, in a team.


The essential qualifications required for this job are as described below:

  • They should have a college degree in computer science, information science, or data processing.
  • They should be from mathematics and science background.
  • Having an engineering degree is an added advantage.
  • He should have a certificate in computer language.

Tips for Jobs:

The candidates interested in this job should keep the following tips in mind:

  • He should be able design programs efficiently.
  • He should be able to meet deadlines, and should be able to work under high stress condition.

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