The admin has to carry out a lot of different tasks and responsibilities. They would have to perform daily routine jobs and at the same time perform scheduled weekly or biweekly assessment reports as well. They are integral to the smooth working of all firms.

Job description

People who work as administrator can have varying duties. Depending upon the firm in which they work and the description of the firm, there are various different duties that the administrator has to do. However, he will have to be involved in various day to day works and at the same time may have to carry out important functions as well.

Job duties

An administrator has to perform a lot of different duties. Although, the exact details may vary from one firm to another, but there are a few responsibilities that an admin has to perform.

  • They have to monitor the daily routine jobs and check that all work is being carried out in the right manner.
  • They have to carry out filling documents and entries depending upon the exact type of work which they have been delegated.
  • A lot of clerical work might be a part of the job duties as well.
  • They have to coordinate the different meetings and events of the firms.
  • They may have to be involved in the work of maintaining a website and keeping the content updated.
  • They have to work in close tandem with other departments as well.


The admin must have the following skills.

  • Should be skilled in the field of handling different departments.
  • Should have the ability to multitask.
  • Should be skilled in operation of basic computer facilities.
  • Should be skilled in communication matters.
  • Should be skilled in making regular entries.

Work environment

The admin would have their own office to work at. They need to coordinate their activities and can have a lot of work to do. Thus, they need to be agile and active all throughout the day. The kind of work that the admin does may be extremely stressful. So, one has to be prepared to work for long hours and be involved in a wide multitude of different activities.


Different firms may have their own requirements as far as the qualification levels are concerned. However, the general qualifications which one must have include the following.

  • Should have a bachelor’s degree.
  • There are a lot of other diploma courses in accountancy and other fields. Some of these courses can be helpful.
  • Any type of prior experience can come in handy.
  • Management students are recommended as well.

Tips for the job

The following tips should be of help.

  • Report to the office on time.
  • Make sure to follow the code of professional conduct.
  • Do not postpone your work for tomorrow.
  • Maintain a healthy working relationship with your subordinates as well as your superiors.
  • Try to prepare a checklist for the scheduled work for the day and perform each of them diligently.

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