With the increasing number of nursing homes for the patients of different kinds of diseases, many people have started thinking about employing the activity directors for the entertainment of their residents. Many people think after getting into a disease that the purpose of their lives has ended and they are just waiting for the inescapable day of their lives. But how can people let their loved ones to pass their live in such a way. A new approach towards these people is the nursing homes where many activity directors are employed with the purpose of providing these miserable patients of all ages, with the fun and excitement.

Job Description

Basic role of an activity director is to provide the residents of the nursing homes with such an environment where they can get some knowledge, where they are not left alone, where there are scheduled activities programs for the mental development of their minds, and where these individual are shown the factors of love and care from the external world. Primary duty of an activity director is to develop a social culture within the residents of nursing homes. An activity director is supposed to provide the residents of the nursing homes with the new lives to their moods and thinking. They have to work in the form of teams with other members of the nursing homes.

Job Duties

Activity directors are very important personnel for the fame of nursing homes and for this purpose, owners of the nursing homes look for the one that can manage the activities of their nursing homes well. Following are the duties of the activity director of a nursing home:

  • They are responsible for presenting the activities program to the management of the nursing homes.
  • They must focus on the indoor and outdoor activities, social activities, activities that are related to the relaxation of the mind and soul.
  • They have to post their scheduled activities program on the notice board of the nursing home so that residents may get to know about the ongoing month’s activities.
  • They have to arrange for the human resources to perform these activities when they are needed.
  • They are responsible for the assessment of the objectives and needs of a particular resident and they must give time to all resident at least once a month. They must promote and encourage the participation of the residents.
  • They have to formulate the reports after assessing the participation from each resident.


  • One must possess the excellent communication skills in order to deliver their messages to the residents of the house.
  • They must have the patience in them and also they should be able to work in highly stressful environment.

Work Environment

Activity directors have to work in correspondence with the management of the nursing homes and are provided with all requirements of their work in their separate offices.


  • They must possess the 4 years degree of human behaviors and psychology.
  • Further they require the diploma in activities properly licensed from the state authority.

Tips for the Job

  • They must show a positive polite behavior to the residents of the home.
  • Always coordinate with the management about the scheduled activities planning.

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