The account executive, generally mean employees who take care of business relationships between clients and the company they work for. Sales professionals are also referred to as account executives. They are primarily responsible for growing the business of the company by maintaining relations with current clients and establishing new business.

Job description

  • An account executive has to deliver presentations to purchasing decision makers of a company
  • He highlights the products and services of the company he works for
  • He has to negotiate contract terms with clients and successfully closes sales
  • He has to work towards reaching a particular target
  • He has to develop and maintain close relations with local business community to meet the client’s needs
  • He may have to promote products and services at conventions, trade fairs etc
  • He must maintain relations with public relations and media persons for any product launch
  • He must assist in coordination and implementation of telemarketing activities
  • He needs to personally meet potential clients and explain the merits his products
  • He has to collaborate with marketing departments to think sales strategies

Job skills

  • To be an account assistant one has to have good knowledge about bookkeeping and its terminology.
  • He must know about the accounting systems, including the automated systems.
  • He must have knowledge about database software and spreadsheets as well.
  • Mathematics is a must to be known.
  • An assistant accountant must be capable of comparing data from a number of sources in order to get accurate data.
  • He must be capable of detecting errors.
  • He must be capable of making decisions and taking actions, appropriately.
  • He must always meet the deadlines of the scheduled work.


  • One needs to exceptional communication and negotiation skills in this line
  • The account executive must have good grasp over numbers
  • He should be hardworking as there may be a lot of leg work involved
  • He must be able to deal with stress as company deadlines and targets are to be met within a scheduled time
  • He must have good interpersonal and networking skills to interact with clients from all sections

Work environment

The job of the assistant account is to assist the accounting executives and the senior accountants. If they work for a company then they have to work in office environment and if they work in any firn tat provides accounting services to others then they are required to go to the client’s site and collect information from there. They cannot take decisions on their own. They have to seek help from seniors for this.


One must have a commerce background to be in this line with courses like accounting, book keeping, sales, marketing etc. Some companies prefer those with an MBA or a master’s degree in business administration with specialization in sales and accounting.

Tips for jobs

Most of the firms want to hire freshers or people with one year experience. So, you must keep yourself updated with the latest software and other advancements in this field.

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