An account administrator has quite a lot of duties to undertake while on a job. The major responsibility of the account manager is to embrace accountability for the accounts which is concerned within the business, for instance the clients’ accounts, sales accounts and various other accounts. The account manager has the duty of rendering day to day support with client accounts and also has the responsibility of maintaining contact between the company and the client. The account manager can as well carry on a variety of technical work which is accomplished within a business, for instance setting up electronic mail accounts for staff.

When you work as an account manager then you will be required to work a bit longer than the normal 9 – 5 job, with the anticipation that you will hang around to meet any time limits which have to to be met. A standard working day for an account manager is approximately 9 hours.

Job Description

The post holder will present managerial support to the Finance Manager in all features of financial management. Jointly with the Finance Manager, the accounts administrator will form a small team which is accountable for the supply of competent and efficient maintenance of financial arrangements and reporting. The accounts administrator will backup financial administration transversely all departments, but operating by and large on the comprehensive release of sales ledger, purchase daybook, petty cash, and banking and reporting.

Skill Requirement

An account administrator must possess a degree in BA/BS in Business with a prominence in Accounting, and in addition to this he/she must also be a Chartered Accountant.

Technical Skills include proficiency in PC and talented to flourish in a fast -pace setting. Additionally you must also have strong verbal as well as written communication skills. In addition to this you must also have a strong social, administrative and customer service skills. You should also have the capability to multi-task, work under stress and meet cut-off dates.

Job Duties

  • Must be able to manage a complete series of accounts
  • Capable to manage the account executives work
  • Must prove to be a leader and lead the actions of project management
  • The accounts administrator must see to it that his team is taking up responsibility as well as necessary actions with regard to their day-to-day activities.
  • Must deliver presentations to executives
  • Attend meetings with clients
  • Increasing and preserving the associations with present clients 

Working Conditions of the Job

Accounting administrators labor in offices. They generally deal important responsibilities, as they have a huge role in a company’s financial achievement and a lot of companies can finish up in lawful problem if they do not review properly. Accounting administrators generally work 40 hours a week, although they frequently work for longer hours during the tax period.

Job Tips

  • Always adhere to company rules and measures at all times
  • Take all sensible steps to direct and endorse a harmless and strong working surroundings which is free from bias

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