An accounting clerk has a lot of task to do. They need to file the different accounting reports and enter the entries in the records. There are a lot of different entries that requires to be done as every transaction and sales must be reflected in the books of accounts.

Job description

The duty of an accounting clerk revolves around making accounting entries, recording transactions and analyzing the financial condition of the firm by drawing profit and loss sheets and other related data. Thus, they have to be very clear about the different details of the transaction because a single wrong entry can wreck a lot of trouble.

Job duties

The duties of an accounting clerk include the following points.

  • Record and maintain the different accounting files by posting regular entries to the accounting books.
  • Verify the details of the different records that are stored in the book and check the financial transactions.
  • Make adjustments in the bills with regards to damaged or returned goods, wrong and untimely delivery and other problems.
  • Consolidate the data in the different accounts so that helpful information can be extracted from it easily.
  • Assist other members of the accounting department as and when required.
  • Keep track of office supplies and inventory levels and inform the different departments when the stocks fall below the safety level.


In order to be an accountant clerk, you must have the following skills.

  • Must have good typing speed.
  • Must have good background knowledge of accountancy and related details.
  • Should be proficient in other written as well as spoken English.
  • Should have the ability to organize the different records and perform the right calculations.
  • Musty have time management skills as well because the records need to be filled at the right time.

Work environment

An accounting clerk has a desk job. Their duty can be demanding on their health because sitting at the same position for long hours can lead to sore back or related troubles. However, the offices generally provide comfortable seats and thus this shall reduce the stress on your body. The work load can get immense but in most cases the work environment is conducive for working as there is expected to be silence and discipline.


While applying for the post of an accountant clerk, the following qualifications are recommended.

  • Must be a graduate.
  • Must have some background of accounts. This is the reason commerce graduates are preferred for the job.
  • There are various financing and accounting courses. Certificates for diploma courses in this field from reputed colleges and institutes can come in handy.
  • Generally, offices provide training. However, work experience is always a bonus.

Tips for the job

There are a lot of tips that should help an accounting clerk in excelling in his task. Following are some of the best ones among them.

  • Make sure to check the records diligently.
  • Cross check all the accounting records diligently.
  • Keep track of the balance at the end of the day and check the balance at the beginning of the shift as well.
  • Follow the rules of conduct at the work place.

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