An Accounting Assistant is responsible for helping and providing administrative support to an accountant / team of accountants in a business or company.


The activities of the Accounting Assistant include mainly clerical tasks such as reports typing and filing, attending phone calls, check and process mails and low level book keeping. Applicants for the job need to have excellent communication skills-both written and verbal and also should be highly organized. They also need to good in typing, using computer and should have a good understanding of works in an office. Good skills in dealing with persons are important as they are often required to deal with customers and outside agencies. A basic understanding of accountancy and book-keeping methods are absolutely essential for this position and so is proficiency in the use of office software. Often companies offer in- house training for account assistants.


  • Has to be good in Numeric calculations

• Should be sharp enough to handle multiple accounts at the same time.

• The person should be professional and thorough in his approach.

• Must be ready to take initiatives.

• Has to be good in Communication.

• Ability to handle stress.

• Being able to work in a team.

• Should be a trustworthy and reliable person.

• Should be sensible enough to arrange tasks according to Priority.

• Comfortable in using Computers and technology

• Project management ability.


4.    Helps in settling orders of purchase, invoices, cheque requests, and other payments.

5.    Matches purchase orders, receiving and invoices to make sure they are all accurate.

6.    Has responsibility for supervising the process and maintenance of Fee for Service Contracts, different trade agreements.

7.    Checks and authenticates purchasing and accounts payable transactions.

8.    Works as a guide for company employees and vendors regarding purchase and other financial practices.

9.    Makes new employees accustomed with purchasing and accounts payable.

10.    Ensures all the standard financial practices are in compliance with legal regulations.

11.    Recommends any change needed in purchase and other financial practices and policy formation.

12.    Is involved in the managing of year-end cut off processes for Accounts Payable.

13. making sure the weekly cheques’ are printed accurately and in time.

14.    Responsible for keeping the stock of cheque and other inventories intact & safe.

15.    Stays in touch with the Budget Officer to solve day to day budget issues.

16.    Prepare and handover reports to the Finance management team as per requirement.

17.    Other general accounting tasks as assigned by the chief accountant.


  • Minimum Bachelors and preferably Masters Degrees in Accounting, Finance, Economics, Mathematics and Statistics.
  • Valid certification to work as an accounting professional.
  • Two to three years experience in practical accounting.
  • In depth knowledge of computer accounting software systems.
     Work Conditions
    This job is totally office based job. During year endings or important events in the company the workload increases, often leading to extra work hours.
    It is better to gather practical experience before entering this position.

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