An account director is responsible for maintaining the business records of the client and acts as an intermediary between the customer and the organization. Ideally, the account director is responsible for providing comprehensive support in different areas that is related to planning, enhancing the accounts and bringing improvements or maintaining relationship with customers.

Job Description

The following points will demonstrate the primary job descriptions of an account director:

  • Developing plan of action for enhancing business growth with the existing clients.
  • Interact with other account directors of different groups for creation of new accounts.
  • Understanding the techniques of the clients and assuming the role of the key person serving the interest of the company and managing those clients that matter.
  • Carrying out proper research work for business forecasting and ensuring the veracity of the same.
  • The account director is supposed to become the leader of the team offering support and definite approach in order to ensure that the agency for which he/she is working should have the capacity to enhance their existing accounts.
  • Providing guidance to the team in order to ensure that the client gets the best response from the agency.

Job duties

  • Getting new business opportunities and retaining the existing clients.
  • Providing solutions to customers and understanding their requirements.
  • Supervising the activities of the subordinates such as the account managers and coordinators.
  • Identifying the risks and the chances of success for a business agency.
  • Working with the team mates in order to devise strategies for meeting or exceeding client expectations.
  • Devising long and short term plans for clients.
  • Maintaining relationship with clients for better productivity.
  • Preparing presentations for delivering to the potential consumer.


  • Should have organizational and so-ordination skills.
  • Must have strategic qualities and understand the requirements of customers.
  • Convincing skills and have the ability to persuade customers.
  • Work with the team closely for better results.
  • Should have friendly attitude with co workers.
  • Have extensive knowledge about products.

Work Environment

The work environment for every job depends on the nature of the organization. The account director has a significant responsibility towards the organizations as he/she deals with the client for enhancing business growth.


  • A successful account director should have experience of 10 years and above as a financial analyst and managed corporate strategies.
  • Leadership qualities and ability to manage teams.
  • Should have carried out successful negotiations with board members of an organization.
  • Should have worked in top levels of companies.

Tips for the job

  • Account director should have effective leadership qualities.
  • Strong coordination level and ability to work with subordinates.
  • Providing support to different levels of organization.
  • Ability to understand the client’s requirements.
  • The account director should be powerful to delegate the agendas of the client to the concerned departments.
  • Should have the potential to identify new clients and establishing new accounts.
  • Should be able to handle stress.
  • They should have an outgoing personality.

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