Academic advisors have become an essential part of the institutes that want to make their names in the field of providing the people with the best standards’ education. People look for the institutes where they are guided properly for their futures. Academic advisors make their places in these institutes as they provide the students with proper education level and also suggest them to pursue the career that the academic advisor think is best for the future of the student and also in which student has some interest and devotion. Almost all the institutes employ the academic advisors for the proper guidance of the students and also to bring the level of education of the school or college to the heights.

Job Description

An academic advisor has to coordinate with the teachers and students. They act as the liaison between the students and their colleges’ or schools’ administration. They have to develop the strategies for the success of the students and they are responsible for the counseling of the students. During their school or college time, if a student is in distress, then academic advisors have to look for the problems that are being face by the student. They have to analyze the current strength of the courses of the students that he has read previously and also they determine the prerequisites of the courses of the students. They are responsible for the scheduling the timings for the students in the college studies and also they have to ensure the up to the mark syllabus of the students that has to be taught by the teachers at any cost.

Job Duties

Following are the major duties of the academic advisors that are being supposed to be fulfilled by every academic advisor.

  • They are responsible for determination of the level of education that has been developed in the students on the basis of what they suggest the further courses.
  • They have to take care for the distresses of the students in the campus and also they have to provide them with the facilities of the university.
  • They have to arrange for the extracurricular activities of the students.
  • They have to take the feedbacks about the performance of the student from the teacher and then they are responsible for coordinating this feedback in an effective way to the students. They are responsible for the scheduling of the student and also they suggest the best career for the students.


  • Academic advisors are supposed to be good at communication.
  • They should possess supportive public relations.

Work Environment

Academic advisors have to sit in the rooms provided by the university and they are supposed to do the counseling of the student s for their future suggestions.


  • They must possess a bachelors’ degree in education services.
  • They also need to have diplomas in public relations.

Tips for the Job

  • They can be very successful if they successful if they suggest the best career to their students.
  • They need to coordinate with all the members of the institute.

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