1. What makes this resume builder extra special?
A: This resume builder has got many fine features which makes it extra special like –
1. Single Page editing
2. Switch templates
3. Drag & Drop feature
4. Live Preview
5. Resume tracker
6. Online storage
7. Statistics

2. Is this resume builder easily accessible to students who are new to the workforce and just about to start their career?
A: Yes certainly. This tool is very quick and easy to use as you just have to
1. Select any template of your choice
2. Insert the appropriate content
3. Hit download
So keep the content ready and you are good to go in just a few minutes.

3. I am looking for a job as Finance Analyst. Does this tool help me?
Yes absolutely. Using this resume builder tool, one can easily & quickly create outstanding resumes for all kinds of jobs.

4. I have selected a template format and edited my resume. Can I now change it to another format?
A: Yes surely. Click on “Customise” button and by switching the templates your resume can be viewed in all the formats present. Then select any of your choices.

5. Does this tool provide Font and Colour change options?
A: Yes. Font and Colour changes can be done using this tool by clicking on the “Customise” button.

6. Can I view the content simultaneously as I edit?
A: Yes of course. Our ‘Live Preview’ feature helps you to simultaneously view as you edit to give you an idea of how the resume is gonna look like.

7. I have successfully completed editing my resume — what next?
A: You can download in PDF format or share the resume link online via email.

8. Can I create a cover letter using this tool?
A: Yes. Our tool also provides cover letter sample templates.

9. I have not completed my resume yet, will my work be saved?
A: Yes. You can anytime kick start from where you left off.