The network operations center is a room or place where information technology specialists perform their work using highly expensive and sophisticated tools and equipments and from where network monitoring and control is implemented over a telecommunication or satellite. Here IT specialists find and resolve network problems, update data and distribute new software. Here these IT specialists monitors and executes maintenance on telecommunications network. These IT specialists are often known as NOC Engineers. They are responsible for efficient functioning of an organization’s network system.

Job Description

·An NOC engineer executes a variety of jobs such as administering and configuring Cisco routers, changing firmware (small and fixed software programs) regularly, resolving network issues, and checking that multimedia files transmitted via networks are working properly.

·An NOC engineer checks system conditions, designs procedural manual to handle network problems, maintains a record of changes made to the networks and is responsible for ensuring network security.

·An NOC engineer works in a computer laboratory, and can be called any time in case of system failure.


  1. Candidate should have a bachelor’s degree in information science or computer science.
  2. Candidates having good experience in handling computer networks are often accepted.
  3. Candidates having experience in hardware and software used by the company are generally given priority.
  4. Candidate should be able to solve different network problems which may include those that cannot be resolved using typical methods.
  5. Candidate should be able to think ahead in order to use special measures.
  6. Candidate should be able to understand information in different formats such as pictorial, verbal and print representations.
  7. Candidate should have good communication skills and problem solving capabilities in addition to technical knowledge.

Job Duties

  1. An NOC engineer supervises the functioning of network components and makes sure that they are active and problem free.
  2. An NOC engineer by the application of essential software application and hardware tools detects and identifies the nature of the problem and uses proper precautions to solve the problem.
  3. An NOC engineer takes network problem complaints from the users, analyzes them and depending on the difficulty of the problem, either seeks help or solves them himself.
  4. An NOC engineer takes the help of technical experts from the organization or from outside (if required) to solve a problem.
  5. An NOC engineer is accountable for managing complaints and ensuring that they are resolved.
  6. An NOC engineer finishes the work according to policies of the company.
  7. An NOC engineer maintains a detailed record of the problems and methods used to solve it.
  8. An NOC engineer maintains network facilities for continuous performance.
  9. An NOC engineer synchronizes with technical staff to design and create new software applications for supervising network performance and operations.
  10. An NOC engineer carries out inspections on regular basis on network performance and prepares final reports for management.
  11. An NOC engineer has to deal with power outages, black holes, network failures and make sure that main network is stable.

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