How to Write a Cover Letter

How to write a cover letter?

If you are deciding to apply in some organization for a job, how you will introduce yourself? Most of you would say I send them a resume, simple. Stop, remember all the bigger and larger organization or you can say that multinational companies demand a cover letter along with your resume. To get a stunning job I prefer you to build your professional cover letter. At first, it is very important to know that what a professional cover letter is. Anyone can write a cover letter because it is not a rocket science. A cover letter is a single page explaining your experience and skills related to the specific position you are applying. In easy words, it is summary to your resume.

Purpose of a cover letter:

The purpose of writing a cover letter is to introduce yourself, highlight the post you are looking for, talking about your skills that are required for that job, and end it by asking to call you or email you for an interview.

Read all the given point below to know about the cover letter format:

  1. Name and your contact details:
    1. At the top of the cover letter, write your name and contact details like email address and phone number. Do not mention your postal address. Your phone number must be current and working so whenever they call you are available for picking up. Avoid using landline number. Give them a professional email address that based on your name.
  2. Company name and contact details:
    1. Under your name and details, write the name and position of the person you are asking for a job. Also, mention the company name along with it. If you are unable to get the information, you can simply write “to whom it may concern.”
  3. Write the name of the post you are applying in:
    1. The third step is to write down the post you the applying, in the very first line. E.g. Re: application for the assistant manager post.
  4. A description of your skills and experience:
    1. Next is to write a short description of skills you possess that are in accordance with the job. Write about your experience as well. It will be best and catching if you write your skills in bullets points. If you use some relevant experience in other firm mention that firm name, and tell the person how you use it and benefit the company. Build their trust and tell them why you are the right and best person for this job.
  5. Ask them to contact you:
    1. In the ending lines, ask him/her to have a look at your resume for more details and request to call you for an interview.

Tips and guide:

  • The point to remember is that you cannot email or upload the same cover letter for different jobs.
  • Write the cover letter in the same language as people speak in this job because it will be easier and convenient for them.
  • Do not copy and paste points from your resume in your cover letter.

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