Computer Hardware Engineer Job Description

Since computer has become an integral part of every human’s life thus one has to maintain its working condition no matter what cost it bears. Fortunately there are Computer Hardware Engineer to solve in the problems. Their main aspect is related to build in the hardware sector in such a way that it becomes user friendly as well as complete the performances at computer. A Computer Hardware Engineer is said to be very skilled professional, which is very much demanding in the IT sector, whether directly or indirectly. Thus if you think that you have likeliness towards this sector then surely Computer Hardware Engineer is one of the finest career opportunities.


Thus this is the career of an engineer that is solely dedicated to the hardware parts of the computer, motherboard, keyboards as well as circuitry boards. The main work area is the peripherals of the computer and no concerns with the tricky programs to be resorted. In fact you can say that a Computer Hardware Engineer is said to be designing, developing as well as testing the computer hardware sector. Hence if you want to utilize your computer skills in this sector then reading along would be really very beneficial.


  • Knowledgeable about the parts of hardware
  • Introduces the required strategies for building in the right format
  • interacts with co workers for a better development of hardware
  • able to design the hardware parts for advancement to step in
  • expert at troubleshooting


  • Designs the computer hardware parts
  • Helps in developing software systems in the hardware parts
  • Supervises those who are working under him that is technicians
  • Monitors the hardware and its function
  • Recommends the strategies that help to build in a smart hardware support
  • Analyses the needs of the users
  • Includes specification for better interaction among the software and hardware parts


One must have a bachelor’s degree in the sector of computer hardware. Work experience does also matter a lot when it comes to deal with the circuitry parts of the computer.

Work Condition

Since one has to work upon the computer hardware parts thus he has to spent at the workshops for making the machines function in correct manner. There is no hard and fast hours fixed for working. In fact one has to work as long as the testing does not provide positive results. So many a times clients do also speak with these engineers do enhance the performance. Thus one has to be confident enough to well communicate with them too. One might has to discuss with the higher professionals if any design is not performing the required function. Analyzing the specification of the client is also included under the performance of a Computer Hardware Engineer.


  • Good at solving hardware problems
  • Can estimate the related costs
  • Performs right level of testing in hardware parts
  • Must update in development in hardware world

Cost Engineer Job Description

Cost engineers prepare cost estimates for corporate operating processes, such as product manufacturing, also for major or extensive infrastructure initiatives for example, construction projects. They sure that cost related to operation remain within budgetary limits.

Job Description

A cost engineer takes in the development and execution of the project plan; performs quality assurance on cost control procedures; and monitors costs and collects cost data to ensure conformity with top management’s budget directives. Interaction with computers ,communication with the superiors, peers and subordinates; and discusses cost information with project contractors. This position is responsible for control of capital and expense budget expenditures for the assigned Fas Tracks corridor capital construction project. Processing and monitoring expenses , reports on project status , annual capital and preparation of expense corridor budget , cost trending analysis and change order tracking. identify and position any budgetary or financial issues related to the project and recommends corrective actions.

Skill Requirements

A cost engineer must have mathematical awareness, good communication skills and financial expertise when performing tasks, according to the career data portal on net online. She often uses personal digital supporter, analytical software and project management applications, some examples are Galorath SEER and Microsoft Project.

The required education and experience for a cost control engineer varies for each industry. There are no formal or prescribed degree programs for cost engineering, it is sometimes based upon in curricula for engineering or civil engineering degrees. Many online educational programs on internet are devoted to the principals of cost engineering.Classes and seminars in this field are sometimes offered by Professional organizations.

Some cost engineers begin their careers in construction trades. They emphasize on math and statistics courses and apply their experience and education to qualify for a job as a cost engineer. Voluntary certification can be pursued and obtained from various cost engineering professional organizations. Depending on the size of the company organisations employ more than one cost engineer, opportunities to work as an intern with one of them , either paid or unpaid, can provide invaluable experience to those aspiring to the position.

Job Duties

  • A cost engineer determines how much investment in money , resources, and time a project will require prior to its launch. The job has nothing related to do with traditional engineering positions where tangible objects and tools are designed and created. A cost control engineer uses the engineering principles and judgment to project, assess or evaluate , and control overall costs and plan, schedule, and manage projects in efficient manner.
  • Before companies, individuals or investor groups begin a project, it is important to discuss the budget and budget projections , a meeting is usually held with a cost engineer. The cost engineer is given the projected costs for labour, materials, and related expenses. After reviewing and assessing the numbers, cost engineer confers with the principals on the budget details. The project is then put out open to bidding.
  • The duties of a cost engineer vary from project to project; some projects are immediately ready to go out for bidding, while others may need major retooling to meet budget requirements. accurately analyzing the estimates for labour and materials for each project phase and recommend solutions for problem areas that are over budget is a part of the job of a cost engineer. This often involves meetings with the project managers, subcontractors, and investors or share holders.
  • counsel the cost management teams on regular basis on cost reporting and forecasting, and also importantly monitors their projections for accuracy in output.

Working Conditions

Most Cost Engineers perform or function their work indoors, in formal office settings. They work in multi-disciplinary, fast-paced, dynamic & growing environments. Involves little business travel.

Job tips

  • Be fluent in the knowledge you poses.
  • Be proactive in completing the job at hand.
  • Don’t be hesitant to disapprove any applicant.
  • Love your job, be proud of what you are doing and believe in yourself.

Site Engineer Job Description

The site engineer is the person who is responsible to take care of the operation at the construction site. He is the person who supervises the work of the labors. He is the key person who monitors the project and executes it efficiently. He looks after the structure construction, raw material selection, sanitation construction and electrical structure in the site.

Job Description

A site manager’s work varies as per the requirement of the project. If he is attached to the real estate development, the engineering job includes supervising the materials used, checking the construction plan and etc. He can work for any department, rail, road or civil. He can be attached to a private or government organization.

He is basically a member of the site management group. He monitors the designs and check the security, sanitation and safety of the thing he is constructing

Job Duties

The duties and responsibilities of a site manager includes

  • Manages the site work
  • Plans the design of the project.
  • Designs the project layout
  • Prepares the draft for the structure. The drawing is essential for any civil or sanitation site.
  • Supervises the work.
  • Check the quality of the raw material used.
  • Assist the project manager
  • Prepares the budget
  • Coordinates the work with other departments


  • Technical skill is highly recommended. He has to work on the computer and design the layouts or communicate with the client and office.
  • Excellent communication skill.
  • Staff management quality.
  • Presentation skill. He has to present the project plan to the client.
  • Ability to investigate and carry out surveys on the project site
  • Supervising skill
  • Team building and motivation skill.

Work Environment

The working environment is extremely challenging. When the site manager is working on the road or building construction, he has to work in remote areas. He might have to stay there for days. The work is tough and needs adapting quality. His job is not operated from the office. Instead, he has to work in harsh climatic condition with labors and other natural hazards.


You have to select the area and then study the Bachelor’s degree of technology from any recognized university. You may study Civil engineering, Mining engineering, manufacturing engineering, Aeronautical engineering, Electrical or Chemical engineering, Maintenance engineering and etc.

  • The basic knowledge of science and mathematics is very essential.
  • Analytical skill is important
  • An advanced Diploma in Civil engineering will help you grow in the industry quickly.

Tips for the job

Engineering is a complex field. In order to work in this area, you will need on the job training and technical knowledge in the field. In order to succeed in the field of site engineering, follow the below mentioned tips

  • Ability to work under any situation
  • Ability to multi task under pressure
  • Decision making quality
  • General knowledge and ability to learn about the location quickly. The rip over local knowledge helps in working on the site.

Once you plan to work as a site engineer, just read the information and succeed in the profession.

Service Engineer Job Description

Service engineers are responsible for overseeing type operations of the internal environment of a building and the external implications or a technician who is responsible for maintaining or repairing computers.

Job Description

  • The service engineers should have the ability to dismantle an entire machine in order to find out the extent of damage.
  • Responsible for checking the operations of a machine or whether it is providing the desired output.
  • They are supposed to provide fluids in all those body parts of a machine or device.
  • Responsible for maintaining the parts of machine or have detailed knowledge about the same.
  • They should be able to present a detailed report after exploring the machine and then suggest changes that are to be incorporated in the device.
  • They have to carry out their duties in the fastest possible manner.

Job duties

  • Service engineers are supposed to repair all the machinery and equipment present in the manufacturing unit.
  • Planning or arranging the service work prior to the demands of the company and to see that output is appropriate.
  • Preparing detailed report of the work that is to be done.
  • Delegating the duties among the team for faster results.
  • Devising ways to improve operations of the machine.
  • The parts of machine that are to be replaced should be handy.
  • Conducting regular safety checks on the machine.
  • Keeping an inventory that is required for repairing the machine.
  • Should have knowledge of the latest machine that is available in the market.
  • Carrying out inspection of machine and suggesting whether new machines are required for better operations.


  • Should have good knowledge about the machines of the company.
  • Should be able to locate the expectations of customers.
  • Modern notions should be followed while repairing or replacing parts.
  • Should have the ability of strategic thinking.
  • Must have the dedications and commitment to deliver the results successfully.
  • Must be able to perform and cater to the customer’s requirements.
  • Should have extensive knowledge about the machines of the company.

Work environment

The service engineers have to perform their duties under stress and deadline. However, the services rendered by them will also depend on the nature of the organization.


  • Service engineers should have a degree of engineering in the first place.
  • However, they may also have vocational training in their field.

Tips for jobs

  • Managing stress will help service engineers while seeking jobs.
  • Organizational skills.
  • Problem solving abilities.
  • Should have discipline while performing duties.
  • Capacity of catering to customers.
  • Have high degree of motivation and confidence about the entire process.
  • Have the ability to perform within a team.
  • Should have honesty or integrity towards work.
  • Should have knowledge of commercial products that are available in the market.
  • Knowledge of rivals and competition.
  • Should maintain proper speed while performing the duties.

The skills and qualifications that we have discussed above will help you to secure a good job in this field

Senior Software Engineer Job Description

Software engineering has become the need of the hour for most of the institutes now a day. This is because many companies are now trying to automate their processes and databases in order to have the efficiency and effectiveness. For this purpose they are hiring many software engineers in order to bring the automation of their processes to the peaks of the success. Software engineers are also playing the principal role in the successful communication of the firm.

Job Description

Software engineers have to follow systematic policies in order to come up with the best software products for the customers. They have to gather the requirements from the customers properly and then they have to formulate the linkages in these requirements. They have to take the requirements from the whole organization for whom they are going to develop the software. Many organizations hire the software engineers on contract basis as they cost a lot. However there are some organizations that hire these senior software engineers on the permanent basis and get the services from these engineers time to time.

Job Duties

A senior software engineer has to perform many activities for the successful deployment of the software application. They have to perform following activities in order to come up with the best software product for their clients.

  • Software engineers have to gather the all the requirements from the clients. They have to take these requirements from all the business domains of the organization instead of following the requirements from one domain while making the software for the whole organization.
  • They have to analyze the requirements and then come up with the model that they think software is going to be.
  • Then they have to negotiate with the customers about the final verification of the requirements and expected outcome of the software.
  • They have to develop the methodology for the development of these software and senior software engineers are supposed to work as the supervisor on all other software engineers for the development and approval of the tasks.
  • They have to show the rest products to the customer for the final verification.
  • After completing the software development, these people have to get this software installed on the clients’ machines and also they are responsible for the hardware compatibility of the software that they develop.


A senior software engineers has to possess following skills in him.

  • A senior software engineer must have the ability to develop the code in various programming languages of the coding.
  • They must show effectiveness in their work by demonstrating the best codes in less time.
  • They have to be very sharp as they need to get the requirements from the client that himself does not know what he wants from you to develop for him.

Work Environment

Software engineers have to work in the lab settings where they are provided with the peaceful environment and proper systems for the development of the software.


  • They must possess a bachelors’ degree in software development.
  • They must possess the five to seven years’ experience in the field of software development.

Tips for the Job

  • Software engineers have to be available for the maintenance of the software all the time for the companies.
  • They have to communicate well in requirement gathering phase in order to avoid the later discrepancies.

Senior Network Engineer Job Description

The senior network engineer is one who is responsible for the smooth operation of the organization voice as well as data network for providing maximum performance and availability for the users. The senior network engineer strives to ensure that all the branches like LAN, WAN and VOIP are designed installed and maintained. The senior network engineer maintains hardware and software standards and ensures that its standard is maintained. He is also responsible of creating and maintaining network documentation. This position requires the candidate to be technically updated and be well in using all kinds of upcoming software and technologies. Being the top most level technocrat, he is also responsible for directing his sub-ordinates regarding the new technologies and projects where they can use it efficiently. He must have good knowledge of engineering and administration of multi-protocol routers. Even the network security devices departments, which stand at most crucial and network management system department are under his supervision.

Roles And Responsibilities 

·       The senior network engineer configures and supports the network mechanism and instruments

·       He is responsible for configuration of firewall system as well as support

·       The senior network engineer is responsible for designing the network and giving customer specific solutions

·        The senior network engineer monitors network and network security.

·       System utilization as well as back up utilization is under the senior network engineer

·       The senior network engineer must have the leadership quality. He should be able to handle in major network problems and should be capable enough of restoring the service back.

·       It is the responsibility of the senior network engineer to keep the shareholders informed about current network status.


Essential eligibility criteria

·        The candidates must possess a bachelor degree in any computer related course.

·       Candidates with a B.TECH. Degree in IT, CS from a recognized Indian university or college is eligible to apply.

·        The candidates are expected to have knowledge of CCNP, CCNA.

·        The candidate must have experience of at least 4 years in network and system administration. The applicant is also expected to have sound knowledge of network and system administration and other relevant field.

·        The candidates are also expected to have god knowledge about Cisco as well as other vendor routers. He should be good in configuration and management of switches

·        He/she should be aware of ISP operation. And should be well versed in address and routing management

·        The candidate should have good knowledge of security as well as risk management preferably in an ISP environment

·        The senior network engineer should be able to install application software. He should also be well in deployment of the application software

·        Should be well versed in code management, and revision control system. The candidate is expected to have relevant experience in this field.

·        The candidates are expected to have some experience in sound project management and handling

·        Should have practical knowledge of NAT and IPSEC


·        The candidate must have experience in MPLS.

·        The candidate must have formal presentation experience

·        The candidate must have excellent communication skill. He should be good in both written as well as oral form of communication

·        The candidate must have knowledge of Asian culture

·        The candidate should speak any one Asian language fluently.

Security Engineer Job Description

The security engineer has to assist the Chief Information Security officer in providing quality information assurance solution to their customers. The leading work of security engineers is to develop and implement security solutions, which also includes current evaluation as well as keeping track of observance of the needed security guidelines all over the company computing environment.

Job description

  • Plan, execute, upgrade, supervise security measure to safeguard information and computer network.
  • Ensure correct security of controls to protect digital files, as well as important electronic infrastructure.
  • Counter security breaches as well as viruses in computer.

A security engineer is also known widely as an Information Security Analyst.

Job duties

Security engineers have a lot of important work in an IT office. Some of the leading duties include:

  • Discuss issues with users regarding computer data, security violation, access requirements and changes in programming.
  • Keep a file on computer policies, security, procedures, emergency measures and tests
  • Security engineers have to train and encourage security awareness among users to enhance server as well as network efficiency and make sure about the security of systems.
  • Execute computer system plan after coordinating with company personnel and vendors from outside.
  • Check the usage of data files and also control access to it, so that the information the computer files are protected.


There are some important skills, which are essential to become an expert security engineer. These are:

  • Comprehension of documents which are relevant to work
  • Critical thinking is very important, especially in determining the weakness and strength of various other solutions.
  • Good at solving complex problems and executing solutions.
  • Being able to speak effectively to convey the needed information,
  • An attentive listener, who can gather vital information

Work environment

The work environment is flexible and enjoyable; however, a security engineer should be passionately focused on customer success and excellence in technical matters.  Security engineers work from offices and helps users with issues in computing technology.

The same kind of environment may not be found in all organizations, it usually differs from each other.


  • Bachelor degree in computer science
  • Three year experience as a system administrator
  • At least 5 years experience in any IT security field
  • Experience as a network analyst
  • Certified Ethical Hacker
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional
  • Excellent writing skills that communicates effectively

Tips for job

  • Always be alert and continuously check on the security system of computers.
  • Listen to everyone’s opinion to learn new things.
  • Professionalism is one quality that is highly respected by every company.
  • Create a reliable relationship with the customers
  • Coordinate well with the other staff in the company
  • Punctuality is a must in all your work.

These tips are very important, you will be gain a good reputation in your company and among your superiors. Qualifications and experiences are not the only factors, which can make you successful; you should also have the above talent.

Design Engineer Job Description

In today’s business world, design engineers play an important role. They are the persons who are responsible for developing ideas and designs for new products and new production systems. One can find design engineers in almost all types of industries. Design engineer’s job is a highly paid one and is suitable for those who like to face challenges.

Job description:

Their main job is to assist in developing new products and systems for production. They also help in developing the existing products and production methods by introducing innovative ideas and improving the existing designs and methods.

Job duties:

  • Design engineers main work is to develop ideas for innovation and improvisation.
  • They have to draft plans, sketches, and designs and produce them for approval to the project managers.
  • They have to do a lot of research in order to get new ideas and also to check if these ideas will work out properly.
  • A design engineer also has to see if their design is cost effective and safe to use.
  • Testing the approved designs is also one of their duties.
  • They are also required to make modifications if necessary.
  • Design engineers have to produce periodic reports on the progress of their work.
  • Coordination with other departments like research and development department, production department and marketing department also falls under the responsibility of a design engineer.


  • Creative skills are one of the main skills a design engineer needs to possess in order to come up with new and innovative ideas.
  • Excellent communication skills are also necessary to coordinate with the clients, other members of the project and various departments of the organization.
  • Design engineers must also possess problem solving skills especially to solve the technical problems.
  • Computer skills, time management and other project management skills are also a prerequisite.
  • Ability to work with a team is also required for a design engineer as he works with a team.
  • Great commitment and interest is also a must for design engineers.

Work environment:

Design engineers work in an office environment as most of his work is computer based. They have a separate office in the design department. They usually work in office hours and sometimes some companies require them to work on shift. According to the project, they may also have to work overtime. Some of them may need to visit the clients.


  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering is required in order to be a design engineer.
  • Master’s degree or above is preferred.
  • Most of them prefer a design engineer to hold a degree in engineering design, product design or any relating field.
  • Additional certifications in a specific field are an advantage.
  • Knowledge of CAD software is required for this job.
  • Having good experience is also needed for this position.

Tips for the job:

  • Design engineers must be patient enough to create design without rushing on it. They have to create efficient working designs which are usually time consuming.
  • It is important to keep on updating all the information available in this designing field to do your job perfectly.

Safety Engineer Job Description

Safety engineers have become the need of the hour due to the difficulties in achieving the standards of the law enforcement agencies regarding the security and safety of the work places. These people are being hired by thousands of organization that try to provide themselves with a sheet that may protect them from the future hazards. Many people take the services from the safety engineers with a purpose of lowering the rate of insurances. Many companies demand from the clients to get the suggestions from the safety engineer so as to avoid the losses. Also many government agencies provide the services of safety engineers to ensure the health of the labor and to avoid the losses of millions of dollars.

Job Description

Safety engineers have to work for both the fields. They have to go for the offsite visits for the inquiries and also they have to work in their offices regarding the samples that they collect from the site of the client. They have to look into the managerial styles and their pressure on the laborers. They have to look into the procedures of the company whether they are going perfectly or not. Safety engineers have to look for the site plan of the new project that is going to be initiated in near future. Many safety engineers are called upon for the assurance of the machinery and plant installation safety. Sometimes, safety engineers are call upon for the investigation of an incident that had happened in the past or few moments back.

Job Duties

A safety engineer has to follow the following job activities.

  • They are supposed to ensure the safe installation of the equipment in factory.
  • They have to look for the safety of the procedures that are being adopted by the organizations to carry out the business activities.
  • They have to devise the strategies for the risk free procedures and activities of the company that may not involve any risk of life.
  • They are responsible for suggesting the people with the ways they can reduce the risk through.
  • They are responsible for the direct testing of the material and equipment for security check.
  • They have to prepare the reports of their investigations and findings.


  • They must have a desire to learn as they have to keep themselves updated with the latest techniques of safetyassurance.
  • They must be able to communicate well with the team members.

Work Environment

Safety engineers have to provide their services on the site of investigations. They have to visit the client’s places and many other tasks that require them go out of the office. However, they take the sample back into the office and perform their analytical tests there.


  • They must possess the at least 4 years bachelor’s degree in the field of engineering and technology.
  • For higher posts, they must have the experience for three to five years.

Tips for the Job

  • They must present there all the time at places where hazards are expected.
  • They should produce the report of all the incidents even after getting a solution of them.

Resident Engineer Job Description

A resident engineer (RE)  is an engineer who is being hired for some personal engineering works. His work is for project development. Resident engineers works according to customer needs.

They create specific instructions for engineering needs. They look out  the projects to develop them.

Job description

The resident engineers survey maps, reports, blueprints, drawings, aerial photography, and other topographical and geological data to plan projects. They estimate cost of materials, equipment, or labour to determine project feasibleness. They manage and direct all the staff members and the operations, constructions, or maintenance activities at project sites. They provides technical advices to the staffs regarding design, construction or programme modification.

Skill requirement

The main skill of an engineer is to know mathematics. It is the heart of engineers. Now they should have the knowledge to think the critical things, which we say “critical thinker” by using their logic and reasoning tricks. They have to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternate solutions.

Some problems are very complex- they have to identify complex problems and by reviewing related information to develop and evaluate options and apply solutions.

Their work of judgement and decision making gives benefit of potential action to figure out the most appropriate one.

Job duties

Now the vast part of the engineers are here, means their duties. What they does. And they are as follows:

  • They analyse survey reports, maps, drawings, blueprints ect.
  • They inspects project sites to monitor progress and controls conformance to design stipulation and safety or sanitation standards.
  • They prepare public reports on their required topics i.e bid proposals, environmental impact statements, deeds, or property and the correct way of description.
  • They conduct study of environmental condition or traffic patterns to identify engineering problems and measure potential impact of the project.
  • They directs or participates in surveying to lay out installations and build reference marks, grades, or peak to guide construction.
  • They tests soils or materials to find out the adequacy and strength of foundations, steel, asphalt or concrete.

Working condition of the job

The job of a resident engineer is very hard, but the talented engineers took this job in a soften manner. Now the working conditions of the resident engineers are:

-they have work very hard in dangerous situation, they always try to cover up the job in a time and with a full of work efficiency.

-they will have to spend lots of times in front of computers and they try to find out the solution of the problems.

-they will have to spend times in meetings and discussions.

Job tips

As we all know that the engineers are the god of earth so they have to always prove it by their work. Now a days the world is so easier to communicate and to reach at destination is only due to the engineers. So by keeping those words in mind they will have to improve more and more. They have to work efficiently and think of new inventions.

So engineers try to give birth to a new world.